What is Image Duplicator?

We’ve heard a lot of buzz about our upcoming Image Duplicator gallery show, so we thought it might help to give you a bit more information on what it is … First of all, Image Duplicator is not anti-Lichtenstein. While each contributor has their own ideas and thoughts about Lichtenstein’s work, the main focus is to shine a light on the original creators and images that inspired his world-famous pop art. You can read more about the philosophy behind Image Duplicator in this great article over at The Beat!

You can follow the latest developments on the exhibition and the growing list of contributors on the group’s Facebook page. And if that’s not enough for you, you can read more about Lichtenstein and his work in this wonderfully researched piece by Paul Gravett. No matter what you think it is, Image Duplicator is going to be something special … Stay tuned for further details, including a debate on Lichtenstein’s work with some very special guests!

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