The Comics Journal issue 301The Comics Journal #301
Edited by Gary Groth

Tom says: This is the first of The Comics Journal’s annual book-sized editions, following their migration online to earlier this year. It’s a beautiful and informative tome including interviews with Robert Crumb and Joe Sacco, a sketchbook from Jim Woodring and the complete Gerald McBoing Boing comic. I particularly enjoyed Robert Stanley Martin’s review of Eddie Campbell’s Alec: The Years Have Pants which sent me scurrying to dig out my old Alec collections.

Special Mention: DC Retroactive: Justice League America – The’90s is fun as well, and perhaps our last chance for a while to catch these characters rendered so beautifully by Giffen and Dematteis’ words and Maguire’s pencils. Also, we now have the amazing Tozo by David O’Connell in stock. Well worth you time if you haven’t already checked it out.

Thor: Heaven & Earth #3Thor: Heaven & Earth #3
By Paul Jenkins, Tim Bradstreet and Ariel Olivetti

Taylor says: In a week with a Too Much Coffee Man omnibus AND a new Comics Journal, it’s tough to make just one pick. . . but I’m a sucker for mini-series like this one. With a different artist every issue, each is a done-in-one examining big questions raised by Thor and Asgard’s existence in the 616 universe. If you ever wonder how the existence of Norse Gods can be reconciled with the human world, or what it means for the 616’s spiritual structure, or why all these “superpeople” don’t just FIX everything, then this series is for you. With Marvel and DC rendering mortality a little more meaningless with every “reborn” or “returns” title, it’s nice to see they still have time to put out thoughtful, questioning minis like this one.

Young Justice #7Young Justice #7
By Greg Weisman and Kevin Hopps
DC Comics

Bobbie says: KIDS COMIC RECOMMENDATION OF THE WEEK. As seen on Cartoon Network, this series is great fun for all kids, young and old. Issue 7 follows Artemis and her quest to find her path. When night descends on Gotham City, Artemis takes to the streets. But who is this mysterious archer who wants to join the team?

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