Everything we missEverthing We Miss
By Luke Pearson
NoBrow Press

Chris says: Luke Pearson’s Everything We Miss is an exquisitely illustrated tale that juxtaposes the real life moments we miss each day with some cleverly imagined ones of the author’s creation. With an eye for detail and an ear for dialogue, Pearson successfully blends the whimsy of a Jean-Pierre Jeunet film with the all-too-familiar scenario of a failing relationship. There’s an economy of words that lends gravity to every situation, and nothing seems stray or out of place – each ‘moment’ feels important on its own. The result is a haunting work which provokes as much thought as it does amusement. With lines like “… the birds are starting to sing, cruelly reminding the sleepless that they’re close to missing their deadline” within the first few pages, you know you’re in for something special. Pleasantly surprising.

Punisher Max#16
Punisher Max #16
By Jason Aaron and Steve Dillon

Tom says: This has been a fantastic run for Aaron and Dillon. ‘Frank’ is a retcon that feels natural and unintrusive, and layers pathos and psychological horror onto a well trodden origin story for Frank Castle. This grim and gritty tale paves the way for the next arc, and we at Orbital can’t wait for it.

Hellboy: The Fury #3Hellboy: The Fury #3
By Mike Mignola, Duncan Fegredo and Dave Stewart
Dark Horse

Simon says: Bringing ‘Act 2’ of the Hellboy saga to a close, The Fury #3 is less a conclusion and more a turning point for Hellboy, both as a character and a series.  I won’t spoil the end of this issue, but suffice to say it’s a pretty big turning point (albeit one we’ve essentially seen before), and I can’t wait to read what comes next, not least of all because Mignola will be returning as series artist.  Fregredo has done a fantastic job though, and will rightly be remembered as one of the best artists to grace the pages of Hellboy.  It’s great to hear that he’ll be returning to the character for more ‘flashback’ minis and one-shots in the future.  I have a feeling the stories that make up ‘Act 2’ (those being Darkness Calls, The Wild Hunt and The Storm & The Fury) will read better all in one go than they have an issue at a time, better conveying the sense of inevitable doom that has reached its peak with this issue, but the ride has been a fantastic one, imperfect format or not, and Hellboy remains the most consistently excellent family of books on the stands.

Special Mention: Speaking of which, this week also sees the release of B.P.R.D. Hell on Earth: Monsters #2, the second issue drawn by Guy Davis’ replacement Tyler Crook, who proves that he is very much up to the task.

Spongebob Comics #4
Spongebob Comics #4
By Various (including James Kochalka)
United Plankton Pictures

Tom says: KIDS COMIC RECOMMENDATION OF THE WEEK. A collection of hilarious strips based on Nickelodeon’s favourite Sponge! A great kids summer read.

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