Batman Incorporated Batman Incorporated #1
By Grant Morrison and Yanick Paquette
DC Comics

Liz says: Bruce Wayne is taking Batman Global, and he’s starting in Japan! With Catwoman tagging along, this is a snappy beginning to what promises to be a fun new series, and a bold new direction for the character.

Spider-Girl #1

Spider-Girl #1
by Paul Tobin and Clayton Herny
Marvel Comics

Chris says: I almost picked Dynamite’s ‘Warlord of Mars #2’, but in the end it was too darn wordy! Instead I opted for the much simpler (yet surprisingly good) Spider-Girl #1. Forget what you know about Anya Corazon; this is a fresh new series with its own set of rules. Great for new and old readers alike.

Motel Hell #2 Motel Hell #2
By Matt Nixon, Chris Moreno and Tim Bradstreet

Sharon says: Motels are great. Friendly staff, hospitality second to none and a sports referee with the head of a pig (literally). Good, clean fun for all your confused and dysfunctional family. Enjoy!

Unearthing Unearthing
By Alan Moore
Lex Records

Karl says: I’ve always enjoyed Alan Moore’s spoken word recordings, as muc as his comics, even. His resonant voice brings his words to life as well as any illustration can. This beautiful package houses there vinyls, 3 cds, photos and a dot matrix transcript of the entire piece!

Best American Series 2010The Best American Comics
Edited by Neil Gaiman
Houghton Mifflin Harcourt

Camila says: ‘The Best American Comics’ is an annual collection of book extracts from titles published the previous year as chosen by a well renowned name in the Comics industry. This edition, featuring books from September 2009 to August 2010 is edited by Neil Gaiman, and either last year was an extremely fine year for the genre or the man really knows how to pick his comics. It includes work by David Mazzucchelli, James Kochalka, the Hernandez brothers (and guess what? it’s not love and rockets!), Chris Ware, Jonathan Lethem, Gabrielle Bell and lots more. Even though most of them are extracts off longer stories, the passages are very well chosen and don’t feel out of context – the whole thing is a very enjoyable read, whether you later decide to explore each of the titles further or not.

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