Secret Seven #3
Flashpoint: Secret Seven #3
By Peter Milligan, Fernando Blanco and Soctt Koblish
DC Comics

Rob says: A surprise high point in the Flashpoint saga bringing back one of my favourite characters, Shade, and bringing a classic sense of Vertigo madness to a mainstream crossover. The colours are vibrant, the plotting taut and full of surprises linking well and giving me high hopes for Justice League Dark. This is the one title that has me excited for the ‘New 52’ and is worth picking up even if you missed the first two issues.

Batman: Knight of vengeance #3
Batman: Knight of vengeance #3

By Brian Azzarello and Eduardo Risso
DC Comics

Taylor says: Like Batman? Tired of event tie-ins that add no value? Wish someone would revive the ‘Elseworlds’ concept? This three issue mini will restore your faith and give you the dark, twisted bat action you’d expect from Azzarello and Risso. Issue 1 is a slow start, but 2 and 3 are difficult not to devour all at once. Find them if you can!

The Mis-Adventures of Adam West
The Mis-Adventures of Adam West #1
By Reed Lackey, Russell Dauterman and Kamui Ayami
Bluewater Comics

Chris says: Say what you will about Bluewater comics (and most people do!), but this new series from the people who brought you Female Force and Political Power is an inspired choice. After receiving a mysterious amulet in the mail, West is transformed into his younger self and plunged straight into one of the C-list film plots he’s been rejecting for years. Created in collaboration with the actor himself, the series promises thrills, spills and more than a little intrigue. Who sent the amulet? And why? All I know is I’m hooked and can’t wait for the next issue. This is how comics should be… fun!!!

Reaper #2
Reaper #2
By Cliff Rathburn

Waseem says: A second issue of this fun fantasy romp. Not for kids! Although the first issue came out in 2004, this issue stands by itself and no knowledge of anything that went before is required to enjoy it. Great art from Cliff Rathburn (who has inked Invincible for several issues). For fans of A Game of Thrones, fantasy and blood & guts!

Forming vol.1
Forming Vol.1
By Jesse Moynihan
NoBrow Press

Tom says: Owing a debt of hipster fantasy gratitude to New York resident CF’s Powr Mastrs, Jesse Moynihan’s Forming is a leaner tale. The art is simple and beautiful. This is a classic “fusion” comic, mixing fantasy, adventure, humour and biography into one exquisitely packaged hard cover from NoBrow.

Special Mention: Scott Snyder’s Severed #1 from Image.

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