The Orbiting Pod Wonder Woman Special

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Hopefully by now, you’ve had a chance to listen to our Comic Book Classroom about Wonder Woman, and know a little bit about the character & her history. Well, armed with that knowledge, a lasso of truth, a razor sharp tiara and magic bracelets, we now present our Wonder Woman Special!

In our special episodes, we choose four stories from different time periods in a character’s history, and throw the spotlight on them.

We begin by looking at Wonder Woman’s first appearance in All Star Comics #8, discovering how much of the character as we know her originated in those 6 pages.

We then skip ahead to the 1980s for the first major reboot of the character with the first arc of Wonder Woman vol. 2.

As a character steeped in history and tradition, we look at Wonder Woman: Hiketeia, and what happens when Diana is forced into an arrangement that sees her at odds with Batman, exploring themes of justice, law and duty.

Finally, Wonder Woman: The True Amazon takes a more mythical approach to the character, a coming-of-age tale where the icon is grounded with a very real humanity, with all the faults that implies.

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