The Orbiting Pod Episode 200

It’s all been building to this: The All-New All-Different 200th episode spectacular!

Hosting a podcast is always going to be tricky but Rosie didn’t expect her first episode to include fighting saboteurs and running for her life. Her innocent request for guidance gives the rest of the team the opportunity to train her using their individual expertise and quirks, for an induction unlike any other. But not everyone wants Rosie to succeed…

A radio play from the cast of The Orbiting Pod about the perils of reviewing podcasts and the lengths we go through to be coherent.


Welcome to the Orbiting Pod, Rosie – Hope you survive the experience!


Starring: Adam, Joe, Michael, Owen, Robin, Rosie and Will
Written by: Michael Eckett
Artwork by: Ryan Jenkins
Produced by: Robin Harman