Standing Orders

Orbital very gladly offers a standing order service to customers.

A standing order (or pull list) is a subscription service where you choose the comics you want to follow and we make sure you get them! Once you’ve compiled a list, we pull the new issues as they come out and hold them in your name. You can pick any comics you like, so your standing order might consist of Batman, BPRD, Hip Hop Family Tree and The Walking Dead, for example. You can also customise your order to taste. Perhaps you want all the X-books or you follow certain creators (all Jason Aaron, anyone?) – we can sort that for you.

With your list set up, you can then come and buy your comics at your leisure, though we do ask that you come in at least once a month (or let us know if you’ll be away for a while). Picking up is a simple matter: just head to the back counter, give them your name and pay for your books! You pay when you pick up, so there’s no debiting or anything like that – and if you’re curious about what new titles are out (and when) then you can subscribe to our weekly newsletter which features our New Comics list.

But wait, it gets better … If you have 20 or more titles on your list, then you’ll receive a discount on your single-issue comics (including any extras you feel like picking up off the shelf)! And standing orders can be updated at any time – adding or removing titles as you like. You can do this in-store at the front or back counter, or shoot us an email. The best thing to do to stay ahead of the game is to pick up the monthly Previews magazine, which includes details of upcoming titles and new creative teams. Send us your updates as soon as possible (and before the books are released) to guarantee getting a copy.

New comic book day is Wednesday (unless it’s a bank holiday week), but with a standing order you can breeze in any day of the week and know that your comics are safe and secured, waiting for you to take them to a good home. To start your standing order, you can either drop in the store and fill in a form, or simply email