Staff Picks – Week of 31/08/2016

King Baby
Kate Beaton
Walker Books

Liz says: He’s regal! He’s courtly! He is beloved by his subjects! He is King Baby, sovereign of his castle. In exchange for his generous gifts of giggles and cuddles, his loyal servants (also known as Mom and Dad) are happy to be at his beck and call. But it’s tough to lead your people when you can’t always articulate exactly what you want from them. If he wants the job done right, King Baby might have to start doing some of this stuff himself.

Kate Beaton’s second book for young children (following The Princess and the Pony) is, like all her work, a joy to read. Her distinctive illustrations convey the humor she’s so well known for whether she’s writing for children or adults. If there’s been a new addition to your family, this book will make a charming and entertaining addition to your library for both the little ones and the grownups.

Humanoids Presents The Jodoverse
Alejandro Jodorowsky (w), Mœbius/Juan Gimenez/Zoran Janjetov/Fred Beltran (a)

Adam says: Asserted primacy of \’the writer\’ aside, this sampler from the illustrious French says:publisher, Humanoids, is a wonderful primer for some of the greatest sci-fi comics stories ever told. At the absurd price of just £3.50, this trade presents a single issue from each of The Incal, The Metabarons, The Technopriests and Megalex. In an interesting turn, the issues presented aren\’t all first issues, indicating some considered curation at work, with thought given to which passages of these stories would make the best introductions to the themes, tone and feel of each book.

If you\’re not familiar with Humanoids or these classic works, this is a smart way to make an informed choice of where to begin exploring. Fascinating and pioneering stories with transcendent art, across the board.

Superman: Lois and Clark
Dan Jurgens (w), Lee Weeks (a)
Publisher: DC Comics

Thomas says: Coming out of the half baked, horror show that was Convergence this mini-series focused on the lives of the pre-52 Superman, Lois and their son Jonathon. This series has retroactively been given the Road To Rebirth header as if to imply Rebirth was planned in any way but at the same time an argument can be made that its surprise success was a decisive factor in what came next especially regarding the book’s popularity with young boys and their interest in the new Superboy (who is in fact a boy as opposed to a young adult) which is a big part of this book’s success and that of the ongoing Superman Rebirth title.
The family dynamic is the main selling point here telling the tale of the ’90s Superman as written then and now by Dan Jurgens and felt like a breath of fresh air in a tired DC Universe upon release. Jurgens is ably assisted by Lee Weeks whose solid focus on telling the story rather than flashy splash pages enhances the experience without overwhelming the reader.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Universe #1
Paul Allor, Kevin Eastman, Bobby Curnow & Tom Waltz (w), Damian Couceiro & Bill Sienkiewicz (a)

Ryan says: Some things never get old, and it feels like TMNT is certainly one of those things. I very rarely tire of seeing Leo, Donnie, Raph and Mikey bust up bad-guys in their mutagen ridden NYC home, and I’m well and truly hooked on the current running series, so picking up TMNT Universe was pretty much a no-brainer. This title is set in the same timeline as IDW’s main title but features new side-stories with great guest artists and writers, all while being aimed at a more mature audience. This means we get treated to some exciting new adventures that are closer to the original tone of the comics and a little further away from that Nickelodeon feel. And while it wouldn’t hurt to go into this book with a little prior shell-headed knowledge, I’d say even new readers can get some enjoyment out of this book. All in all, a great read that’s well worth checking out!

Our Super Adventure
Sarah Graley
Shiny Sword Press

Camila says: Oh, I don’t think I could ever get enough of Sarah Graley’s diary comics!!!

Available online at and some of it now collected in this delectable (almost edible!) hardcover, Our Super Adventure is easily the most fun I’ve had reading about the life of someone I don’t even know.

Featuring Sarah herself, her boyfriend Stef and their four cats, the little life snippets she chooses to draw and share with us are funny, relatable, immensely endearing and will often make you chuckle, ‘go awwww’, laugh out loud and pretty much nearly always make you smile. SO GOOD!