Staff Picks – Week of 30/08/2017

Be Pure! Be Vigilant! Behave!
Pat Mills
Millsverse Publishing

Thomas says: Pat Mills is a legend. He is also a very honest and fun writer so i’m looking forward to reading his account of his creation of 2000 AD and all of the trials and tribulations that went with it.

Coming out during the 40th anniversary this will most likely be THE definitive account of the early days of the galaxy’s greatest comic and will sit nicely alongside the other great books released or re-released earlier this year all of which have been great.

So far I’ve only had an opportunity to peak at a few pages, cheekily jumping back and forth impatiently but i intend to sit down and have a proper read at the end of my week with a nice cold pint and a packet of crisps in my local. I can’t think of a better way to start my weekend.

Just to make it extra special; we have been lucky enough to have been chosen as the venue for the London launch of this book on Friday 29th September starting with a signing from 17:00 followed by an after hours talk/discussion with the man himself.

Our Super American Adventure
Sarah Graley (w/a)
Shiny Sword Press

Ryan says: Occasionally at Orbital, a comic or book will call out for you from the shelves — whispering in your ear and asking to go home with you. Sarah Graley’s latest release practically leapt out at me, knocked everything else out of my hands and told me that we’re now best friends! I couldn’t resist picking this up when I saw it and while paging through, laughed literally out loud. This small square-shaped hardcover is a series of short one-page gags that follow Sarah (Pizza Witch and Kim Reaper) and her partner Stef on an exciting, sweet and geeky trip to SDCC and New York City back in 2016. There’s humour abound in these digestible frozen moments, and just as much heart… and indulgent American grub. It’s short, beautiful, fun and less than a tenner, making this an easy pick for me this week!

Home Time
Campbell Whyte
Top Shelf

Will says: Do you remember your last day of primary school? A feeling of excitement, but also trepidation? Who knows whats around the corner. It’s okay, because you have all summer to hang out with your friends. And then you all fall into a river and awaken in a magical land about to start your fantastical adventure. I hate it when that happens.

Home Time is just a purely magical book. Utterly charming, unique, clever and absolutely loads of fun! It’s put a massive smile on my face the entire time reading it.