Staff Picks – Week of 30/05/2018

Amazing Spider-Man #800
Dan Slott (w) Nick Bradshaw, Humberto Ramos, Giuseppe Camuncoli, Stuart Immonen, Mike Hawthorne, Marcos Martín (a)
Marvel Comics

Ryan says: After decades of renumbering their books, both Marvel and DC have taken what I consider an approach that respects the legacy of their most popular titles. Last month it allowed us to celebrate the 1000th issue of Action Comics, and now we can formally acknowledge the 800th Amazing Spider-Man — possibly the most beloved comic book series of all time.
This giant 80-page issue truly embodies everything that makes Spidey great; heaps of action, danger, humour and heart. On top of this we’re also treated to a wealth of characters in a well-written story by Dan Slott, a seasoned writer for everyone’s favourite web-head.
The sheer volume of story told in this issue is shared between five incredible artists, each bringing a slightly different flavour to the table, which feels almost symbolic of the 55-year lifespan of the series. It may sport a $10 price tag, but considering this landmark issue is four times thicker than your standard Spider-Man comic — you definitely get more “bang for your buck”.
It’s a phenomenal farewell to Slott’s run with the infamous web-slinger, delivering on relationships he’s built between Peter Parker and his mix of unlikely allies, and friends both old and new. And while it’s sad to see this chapter come to a close, I’m immensely excited for the upcoming run by Nick Spencer and Ryan Ottley.

Hillbilly #10
Eric Powell

Will says: Rondel and his friends begin to enlist the help of others to aid them in their fight against the witches and their dark forces. Meanwhile, the witches unleash an attack of their own.

Hillbilly is one of the best comics hitting the shelves right now. Never dull. Phenomenal art. Always a comic I look forward to reading. And now with things heating up for Rondel, I’m even more excited to read this series.