Staff Picks – Week of 03/01/2018

Siren School
Isabella Rotman
Silver Sprocket

Adam says: The seventy-fourth publication from the wonderfully radical punk collective and publisher, Silver Sprocket, ‘Siren School’ from Isabella Rotman is a delightfully cathartic and funny 20-page mini-comic. A bunch of brilliant sea sirens provide a crash course in luring mansplainers to their deaths.

Captain America #697
Mark Waid & Chris Samnee, Matthew Wilson (c)
Marvel Comics

Will says: Kraven the Hunter has chosen our favourite super soldier as his latest game. A shieldless Steve goes toe to toe with a cheetah as he navigates through a booby-trapped jungle to win his freedom. Incredibly fun and with absolutely beautiful art as always from Samnee, this story is everything a super-hero comic needs to be. It’s great to see Cap in such good hands. Works exceptionally well as a one-off issue, but I am now very excited to see where this story goes as we build up to the big 700!

X-Men Grand Design #2
Ed Piskor

Karl says: Picking up where the first issue left off a couple of weeks ago, Ed Piskor’s singular version of the history of Mutantkind continue to be a real pleasure ! As with his magnum opus Hip Hop Family Tree, this is printed on faux vintage newsprint which gives Ed’s silver and bronze age stylings an authentic feel. The pacing of this condensed saga is excellent and the very succinct streaming of timelines and various incarnations of the team(s) works perfectly as an historical document and a neat X-men read.

Another treat in this issue are the cameos from the Fantastic Four, Avengers and Namor amongst many other Marvel Heroes and Villains.These 2 issues comprise the first volume which, as with HHFT are going to be collected in the classic Treasury size format which is going to look great, and the following volumes will appear in late 2018. It’s nice to be able to look forward to X-men comics again and this issue closes with a cute little encounter between the Watcher and the Recorder. A nice touch from a creator who clearly loves and really gets the original Marvel Universe. Glad to make this my first pick of 2018 !