Staff Picks – Week of 29/11/2017

Batman Rebirth Annual #2
Tom King (w), Lee Weeks (a)
GJ Comics

Thomas says: This. This is how it’s done. This is what you get when you have a professional writer who also happens to be a fan. Tom King knows these characters and knows their histories and is able, when not being manacled by the fan fictioneers in charge of GJ Comics, to write a beautiful, bitter-sweet love story that gives an all too brief, non-pervy look at the Batman/Catwoman relationship that has existed since Selina’s first appearance in 1940.

This story happily embraces an aspect of the Batman universe that, until recently, has been pushed to the side and ignored because they have the cooties; the Batfamily. Ever since Robin first appeared the writers of Batman have sought a balance between the inherent darkness of the character and a hero to children. There have been great examples of Batman being a friend to children, Darwyn Cooke’s New Frontier is an obvious example, which is partly why Snyder’s dull, Nu-52 grim ‘n’ gritty drudgery is thankfully forgotten here in these pages.

The marriage of Bruce and Selina has been as inevitable as the marriage of Clark and Lois and although it has occurred many times in various different universes it’s a sad commentary on the GJ universe that it’s taken this long to put these characters together on the prime Earth. The fact that it will be undone as soon as GJ’s Doomsday Clock bulls**t has done whatever it’s going to is disappointing but for now we have a good Batman comic that gives us an all too brief look at the hopeful and loving side of Bruce Wayne.

Lee weeks’ art is absolutely fantastic and filled with movement. His figures have character even when stood still and he makes the storytelling look effortless in his illustration. There’s also a gorgeous double-page spread that should absolutely be a poster if GJ Collectibles have any sense.

Arya #2
Shan Murphy (a/w) & Miran Ong Chua (a/w)
Antarctic Press

Will says: Antarctic Press’ anthology comic returns to showcase two more great manga inspired stories. This month we have cosmic bunnies and wizard romance! Highly enjoyable and with some beautiful artwork, I look forward to what unique and fun stories Arya will bring next.