Staff Picks – Week of 25/07/2018

Doom Patrol: The Silver Age Volume 1
Arnold Drake & Bob Haney (w), Bruno Premiani & Bob Brown (a)
DC Comics

Joe says: The first of, I assume three volumes (fingers crossed that DC actually finish publishing them), this is a fantastic introduction to the strangest team in the DC universe. This collection perfectly encapsulates the silver age, telling the weirdest but most inventive stories from any era and it’s just so much fun! The flatted colours are a little garish but it doesn’t seem out of place here, and the paper is a nicer stock than the usual fare, not nearly as glossy which is welcome. Here’s hoping for a short wait before volume 2.

DC Universe by Mike Mignola TP
Mike Mignola & various (w/a)
DC Comics

Ryan says: You’ve heard me say it many-a-time, Mike Mignola is a modern master of the comic book format. His deep black shadows, bold stylised silhouettes and incredible sixth sense for composition make his art style unique and iconic. And while his Hellboy work is legendary, Mignola’s artwork compliments the darker side of the DC universe beautifully.

From occult detective noir to intergalactic superhero epics, Mignola collaborated with incredible creators (like John Byrne, Neil Gaiman and George Pérez to name but a few) on some truly awe-inspiring work at DC in the 80s and 90s. And aside from stories like “Gotham by Gaslight” and “Cosmic Odyssey”, the best of his contributions were short stand-alone stories, a selection of which are collected in this sizeable yet wonderfully affordable paperback edition.

Whether you’re an avid DC reader, looking for something on the fringe of the superhero genre … or simply a hopeless Mignola-fanboy like me, this is an essential addition to your collection.