Staff Picks – Week of 25/04/2018

Scene and Heard: Times Like These
David Ziggy Greene
September Publishing

Thomas says: Me old mucker Dave has released a second collection (we have the first volume in stock now) of his Scene and Heard strip from Private Eye.

Dave’s cartoony style works great with the absurdity of what are often grim reports of a terrible world in which we happily go about our day.

We are also proud to present Dave’s work in our gallery… Scene and Hung. The exhibition will run from 11th – 31st May and will include a signing and talk on 26th May.

Fear Agent: Final Edition Volume 1
Rick Remender (w), Tony Moore (a), Jerome Opeña (a)
Image Comics

Will says: Whenever I am asked for a sci-fi recommendation in the store, we are spoilt for choice. Wonton Soup, Fantastic Four, World of Edena, Rasl, Saga, WE3, Battle Angel Alita and even Remender’s own Black Science are all great choices. But I always felt a void in me when I couldn’t recommend the out of print Fear Agent.

It brings me great joy that these final editions are being released and that everyone can now enjoy one of the best sci-fi comics of all time. Follow Heath’s outrageous, alcohol-driven, mind-twisting, monstrously epic, explosively depressing, action-packed brimmed adventure that will be one you will never forget.

Sugar: Life as cat
Serge Baekent (w/ a)
Soaring Penguin Press

Camila says: Some autobiographical comics grasp the subtleties of everyday life with such charm that even what could be the most mundane of the days ins transformed into a highly enjoyable reading experience.

Sugar sure falls into that category, but it’s not quite autobiographical – although Serge Baekent is featured heavily in these pages, the story is being lived, and told by Sugar, Baekent’s cat and life-long friend. It’s lovely in a number of ways and a must-read for cat lovers or and anyone who fancies a different take on autobio comics.

Superior Spider-Man TP Vol 01 Complete Collection
Dan Slott & Christos Gage (w), Richard Elson, Humberto Ramos, Ryan Stegman, Giuseppe Camuncoli (a)
Marvel Comics

Ryan says: Without a doubt, this is one of the most enjoyable Spider-Man tales of the last decade. In the aftermath of the “Ends of the Earth” storyline, one of Spidey’s most notorious villains, Doctor Otto Octavius, has secretly taken control of Peter Parker’s body, intent to prove to himself that he can be a better Spider-Man than the original web-head! The ensuing arc is chock-full of action, adventure, and tonnes of humour. I laughed out loud many times when reading this series when it first came out — and not just because the egotistic ol’ Doc Ock finds it so difficult not talking about himself in the third-person. For any Spider-Fan looking for a story way outside the normal, this is the perfect title to pick up!