Staff Picks – Week of 24/01/2018

A Void Trip To Paradiso: An Image Comics Exhibition
Ram V, Ryan O’Sullivan, Plaid Klaus and Dev Pramanik
Image Comics

Ryan says: New exhibitions are always an exciting event at Orbital, and our first new show of 2018 is certainly no exception! We’re lucky enough to have on our walls Dev Pramanik’s original pages from Paradiso and prints of Plaid Klaus’ pages from Void Trip (the two newest Image Comics titles from the folks at White Noise Studio), and simple put, they’re glorious!

Both artists have bold and recognisable art styles, and immense talent for the skill of storytelling in the comic art medium, translating script to page in brilliantly creative ways.

And if that wasn’t enough reason to stop by the gallery for yourself, on our opening night for the show Ram V and Ryan O’Sullivan were kind enough to give attendees a guided tour of the exhibition – something that will soon be coming to our site in the form of a Director’s Commentary video! Keep your eyes peeled!

Spy Seal: The Corten-Steel Phoenix
by Rich Tommaso
Image Comics

Will says: Join Malcolm and his furry friends on a journey of espionage and thrilling adventure as he is recruited by a covert division of MI-6!

My love for Rich Tommaso is no secret and Spy Seal is absolutely delightful. I became enamoured with his art after reading Clover Honey and then indulging in any of his past gems that I could find, like Let’s Hit the Road and 8 1/2 Ghosts. It’s been a busy few years for Rich, releasing Dark Corridor, She-Wolf and now Spy Seal through Image Comics, with an upcoming 2018 project, Dry County.

Spy Seal is totally unique to the above but simultaneously has a very “Tommaso” vibe. It pulls you in with it’s vibrant colours, charming characters and, most importantly, it’s so much fun. You can read my review of issue one here and take my word for it that the series continues to improve and impress. This trade paperback collects the first four issues in an oversized deluxe format akin to a European comic album, that fits right at home beside your collection of Hergé’s Tintin. It’s the perfect way to release Spy Seal and showcase it’s beautiful art. It even smells good.

Inhumans: Judgment Day
Al Ewing (w), Mike Del Mundo, Kevin Libranda (a)
Marvel Comics

Liz says:
Whether or not you’ve been following what’s been going on with the Inhumans (in Royals, Black Bolt and the past-set mini-series Once and Future Kings), this one-shot issue stands on its own as a spectacular read, thanks to the combined powers of powerhouse creative team Al Ewing, Mike Del Mundo and Kevin Libranda. These three guys could do an issue wherein the Inhumans watch the linoleum curl and it would still probably be my pick of the week, because they’re just that good. Inhumans: Judgment Day follows Ewing’s run on Royals, in which the Royals stole a purer form of Terrigen (known as Primagen) from mysterious space entities known as the Proginators. Now the Proginators are after them, and one of their own has died in the crossfire. Ewing’s background as a writer for 2000AD and the cosmic corner of the Marvel U makes him a perfect fit for the Inhumans; between his high-concept ideas and the poetry of their execution (the sequences drawn by Del Mundo are absolutely breathtaking), this issue feels like both an ending and a beginning for these characters. If you’re not already familiar with the brilliant creators behind this book, read it and discover why you should be.