Staff Picks – Week of 23/08/2017

Twomorrows Publishing

Thomas says: Kirby100 is a tribute book celebrating the centenary of the King’s birth. One hundred creators have been gathered together to wax lyrical about how amazing Jack Kirby is/was and will forever be.
Discussing their first exposures to Kirby’s work. It’s an interesting and expansive look into the King’s work, highlighting aspects of his career that might not necessarily be covered or discussed in quite the same way.
One of these creators involved is Orbital’s buddy and pal Garry Leach and includes a picture that he had done for our very own Karl Assa as Thor and our mascot Krypto as Lockjaw in the style of the master.

Sif: Journey Into Mystery Complete Collection
Kathryn Immonen & Kelly Sue DeConnick (w), Valerie Schiti, Ryan Stegman, Pepe Larraz (a)
Marvel Comcis

Liz says: Though it was always meant to be a finite story with a perfectly crafted beginning, middle and end, I was sad (read: devastated) to say goodbye to Kieron Gillen’s Journey Into Mystery series, which focused on a recently resurrected Loki attempting to reconcile with his identity after being brought back to life. My consolation prize when that book finished was the following story of another Asgardian, the wonderful Lady Sif. Prior to this, Sif had never carried her own series, and the creative team obviously had a lot of fun bringing her adventures to life. Sif is a great character: she’s a hothead like Thor, from a culture with pronounced differences in the expected roles of men and women, yet she has always been one of fiercest warriors in all of Asgard. With appearances from Dr. Jane Foster, the Superior Spider-Man and (Sif’s ex) Beta Ray Bill, Sif roams from Asgard to Midgard and outer space in between. If you’re looking for a book to lift your spirits, I can say with certainly that this one does the trick.

Robert Crumb. Sketchbook. Vol. 2: Sept. 1968–Jan. 1975
Robert Crumb

Karl says: Taschen have repackaged the long unavailable R. Crumb sketchbooks. What a great idea this is! Over the next few years, 6 volumes will cover nearly 50 years of Crumb’s scribbling. This volume covers the years 1968–1975, so he was really at his peak.

By his own admission the ever to hand sketchbooks acted as both a shield and a mirror for the shy, sensitive artist. These books actually read like a walk through the subconscious of an alienated young man in the torrid latter half of the twentieth century. With lots of conceptual work, and rough ideas for what would eventually become stone cold classic undergrounds like Zap! this is an essential for anyone remotely interested in the idea of underground comix. It comes printed on really nice paper, too.

Key words to describe this volume: funny, filthy, sexy, depraved, sexist, honest, hilarious, intense, depressing, enlightened, visionary, vulgar, reflective, reflecting, ugly, beautiful, horny, scared, prolific, perverted, dumb, rude, funnier, mean, unbowed, incisive, burnt-out, bored and unfiltered.