Staff Picks – Week of 23/05/2018

Milktoof #1
Luke Matthews

Will says: Milktoof tells the story of an explorer lost in space, trying to make his way back home. This folded mini comic is designed to be opened out and shared among friends. It’s made with 100% recycled paper and uses friendly soy inks! For it’s small size, this comic really stands out on the shelves due to it’s gorgeous colouring and it’s simple, yet effective, design. Complete with some lovely illustrations, this is well worth a buy, especially at the cheap price of £3!

Graphic Anarchy
Winston Smith and Savage Pencil in Conversation
Orbital Youtube Channel

Karl says: Last Saturday, the 19th of May, we were very fortunate to have two genuine punk art mavericks in a talk at the store. Winston Smith, creator of the Dead Kennedys logo and creator of countless mind blowing collages which have graced numerous LP sleeves, magazines and skateboards popped up in the Orbital Gallery for a superb one day show, featuring tons of his artwork in the form of prints, stickers, posters and a deadly catalogue produced exclusively for the show.

After hours, fellow artist writer and maverick Savage Pencil spoke at length with Winston about his history, influences and technique. Joining them in this talk was John Heartfield, whose grandfather was part of the original Dada movement, creating Agit- Prop artwork to confound the nazis and their propaganda machine. Real Art As Weapon stuff.

We recorded this very entertaining event for posterity, and for your enjoyment (watch it here). We also have a few pieces left from the show, which will be going on sale in our online Boutique soon, so watch out for them there!

Kid Lobotomy: A Lad Insane TPB
Peter Milligan (w), Tess Fowler (a)
IDW (Black Crown)

Liz says: Kid Lobotomy is the first release from editor Shelly Bond’s Black Crown imprint at IDW. Best described as “Kafka meets King Lear by way of Young Frankenstein”, this utterly unique book evokes the fearlessness and originality of the nineties Vertigo comics on which Bond and writer Peter Milligan previously collaborated.

Titular character Kid is a former rock star and the son of powerful hotelier Big Daddy. After a psychotic episode onstage, Big Daddy arranges for Kid to be given an experimental brain operation, which seems to help him (at least, that’s what Kid thinks). Soon after Big Daddy appoints him manager of The Suites hotel, Kid decides to ‘help’ the guests by providing them with similar treatments. Meanwhile, Kid is being plotted against by his malevolent, power-hungry sister, who wants the hotel for herself.

A twisted tale of family drama related by an unreliable narrator and featuring giant cockroaches and shape-shifting chambermaids, Kid Lobotomy is unlike anything else you’ve read, although its references are classically familiar. A great debut from Black Crown, and stellar work from Peter Milligan and artist Tess Fowler.