Staff Picks – Week of 21/03/2018

The Art of Sea of Thieves HC
Dark Horse

Ryan says: Wild waters, a merry crew, buried treasure and endless undead enemies; the ingredients that led to the creation of one of 2018’s most anticipated MMO video games — Sea of Thieves! You create your own character and set sail with a small crew of other players to explore the seas, unearth treasure and fight anything that may get in your way, including other ships.

Now sadly, I don’t own a compatible console so have yet to actually play the game, but what I can tell you with certainty is one of the key elements of the game that makes it instantly recognisable and entertaining is the artwork. Sea of Thieves has a very distinct visual style; hard lines, bold silhouettes, and a heavy tilt toward exaggerated proportions. It’s something that we’re all too familiar with in the comic book world, but translates so gorgeously to a game like this.

This game is all about customisation (creating your own unique pirate and ship) and as a result the team at Rare were not only tasked with creating an endless variety of options for playable characters, but also a rich world of islands, sea monsters, and other enemies to conquer. So it won’t be surprising to learn that this beautifully bound hardcover is chock-full of stunning original art, with endless variations of just about everything you see in game, with in-depth annotations on almost every page!

Needless to say, for a comic art junky and piratic fanboy like me this was an absolute must-have!

Aliens: Dead Orbit TP
James Stokoe
Dark Horse

Will says: Aliens! Stokoe! This is a dream come true. Especially for me! One of my favourite artists homaging one of my favourite movies! Stokoe sure knows how to make little ol’ me happy.

Capturing the heart-thumping tension and claustrophobic terror of the original Alien film, Stokoe has created a horror masterpiece and one that has a well deserved home along with the first two movies. Absolutely frightening, an incredibly well-crafted narrative and awe-inspiring art. This collection also has some bonus pages showing Stokoe’s original pitch to Dark Horse, which would have been a more action based Aliens experience. Sequel please.

Stones in Focus
Decadence University Press

Thomas says: I never have a single clue about the meaning in Lando’s work but I do know that it’s beautiful in an itchy kind of way.

Stones is the most recent of his work and is part of a Decadence re-stock that is worth checking out.