Staff Picks – Week of 18/07/2018

The Spider King
Josh Vann (w), Simone D’Armini (a)
IDW Comics

Ryan says: Vikings VS alien invaders. If that sentence sounds awesome, it’s because it totally is!
Writer Josh Vann tells a tale of an unlikely band of Scandinavian heroes, who find themselves standing as the last line of defence against the invading forces of a brutal intergalactic warlord. It’s a brilliantly told story, with great characters set against a clash of futuristic sci-fi tech in a world of wood, stone and iron.
But the real stand-out feature for me (maybe unsurprisingly) is the art — Simone D’Armini’s linework captures the savagery of both human and alien species, while maintaining a stylised and bold energy. It falls somewhere between Andrew MacLean’s Head Lopper, Mike Mignola’s Hellboy and Jamie Hewlett’s Tank Girl; and at the same time brings something fresh and new to the table.
A done-in-one story, with stellar writing and stunning art, this graphic novel is an excellent read.

The Shaolin Cowboy: Start Trek
Geof Darrow (w/a)
Dark Horse

Joe says: I’ve been waiting a while for this. The original ‘Shaolin Cowboy’ series from Burlyman, reprinted in Dark Horse’s gorgeous library edition format. The artwork is as spectacularly detailed as you’d expect and with it containing seven issues, it’s probably the largest chunk of Darrow’s sequentials available. If you’ve been enjoying the ‘Shaolin Cowboy’ mini-series’ from Dark Horse, this is an absolute must, and even if you already own the original series, it’s such a beautiful, over-sized edition that you should double-dip and fully immerse yourself in Darrow’s unparalleled pencils.