Staff Picks – Week of 18/04/2018

Batman #45
Tom King (w), Tony Daniel (a)
DC Comics

Adam says: Really strong first issue of the new arc from Tom King and Tony Daniel here. The premise of this story as we close in on the Cats / Bats wedding date is solid (BOOSTER) gold. With real grace and a love for Batman’s history, this issue recalls the beautiful Alan Moore & Dave Gibbons Superman tale, “For the Man Who Has Everything” (originally published in Superman Annual #11).

The return of Tony Daniel really lends a nice continuity with his earlier pre-New 52 work and also stylistically recalls the David Finch arcs of ‘Batman Rebirth’, which for me have been the stronger installments so far. And together, Daniel and King show a great, compassionate understanding of Bruce Wayne with the way this issue concludes. I’m here for this arc.

Rumble # 5
John Arcudi (w), David Rubin (a)
Image Comics

Ryan says: I’ll admit, when I saw Rumble was changing out artists, I was apprehensive. How could anyone replace the sublime talent of James Harren, on a title that he himself had a hand in defining?

Now having picked up the fifth issue in this new run, it’s safe to say I regret staying away for so long! David Rubin has stepped up to the plate and knocked it out of the park! (My only sports metaphor in this staff pick, I swear.) His art feels like it came from the same school as Harren’s did, but totally stands its own with its distinct style, brutal action, expressive comical moments, and beautifully dense ink-work.

John Arcudi’s off-beat sense of humour and affinity for epic storytelling are as rich as ever in this run too, and I smiled ear-to-ear at the end of this final issue. It may be a little late to jump aboard this issue, but when the trade paperback is released on June 13th, I definitely urge you to stop by and pick up a copy!