Staff Picks – Week of 17/05/2017

Supergirl Volume 1: Reign of the Cyborg Supermen
Steve Orlando (w), Brian Ching (a), Michael Atiyeh (c)
DC Comics

Thomas says: The Supergirl Rebirth title is an entertaining read bringing Kara Zor El back from her powerless, Nu52 funk and ‘rebooting’ her for the CW crowd. I’m not normally a fan of altering the source material for the fans of the adaption but compared to the previous version in the modern DC era the change is a welcome one.

The lightness and brightness of the TV show has been ably transferred and the book is all the more enjoyable for it but suffers in the early issues as Orlando tries to make as many changes as possible. In order to get the series up and running in its new setting/format the rush for change makes it feel somewhat forced in places but once the ground work is done the book is off and running giving us a mad tale of loss and hope that reads much better in trade format than it did issue by issue.

The art by Brian Ching is phenomenally gorgeous and is a delight to look at with his angular lines and loose draughtsmanship. There is an unmistakeable energy in the work that is absolutely perfect for a Super book and fits nicely with both the main Superman and Super Sons books. The colouring by Michael Atiyeh is bright and warm and absolutely joyful and dark and nasty where and when appropriate. I’m enjoying this book and hope you do/will too.

The Realist: Plug and Play
Asaf Hanuka (w/a)

Julia says: Asaf Hauka comes back with a new compilation of his weekly comic strips.

The Realist gathers autobiographical comic strips and illustrations where Asaf depicts his everyday struggles and emotions of his life in Tel Aviv. It’s an extremely sincere, relatable and intense work. With very little words, serving himself of just images sometimes, he talks about society, religion, politics and existential crisis.

The art style is a delight and moves from something more realistic to a complete surreal visual feast.

It’s a great piece of art that everyone should take a look at.

Fante Bukowski Two
Noah Van Sciver (w/a)

Camila says: Great sequel to the original Fante Bukowski GN published a couple of years ago starring an aspiring writer trying to make it big. Brilliantly written, Sciver’s characters don’t cease to entertain, and although pretty obnoxious, the protagonist Fante Bukowski somehow still manages to earn our sympathy from time to time. Highly recommended!

Hogan’s Alley #21
Tom Heintjes (e)
Bull Moose Publishing

Karl says: Great fanzine, this – although perhaps that is too general a term for this Eisner Award winning magazine. Hogan’s Alley is jam packed with dozens of riveting articles and reviews covering everything comics, from Editorial cartoons to animation as well as an excellent 10-page feature on female cartoonists.

The breadth of knowledge and content in some of these articles is astonishing, an example being “This is Shakespeare, Charlie Brown” which manages to connect Schulz’ Peanuts, The Inferior Five and Astonishing Tales from the Haunted Crypt of Unknown Horrors! Superb pieces on Jack Davis, featuring tons of unseen artwork and a previously unpublished interview with Krazy Kat’s creator George Herriman push the page count up to nearly 150 – good stuff!