Staff Picks – Week of 17/10/2018

Gideon Falls Volume 1: The Black Barn
Jeff Lemire (w), Andrea Sorrentino (a)
Image Comics

Joe says: The first volume of Lemire’s latest creator-owned series is finally out and I’ve been eagerly anticipating it. I had a suspicion that I would enjoy ‘Gideon Falls’ but decided to trade-wait regardless and I’m very glad that I did; each issue ends on such a cliff-hanger that I would have been pulling out my already receding hair for the past six months if I’d had to wait.

Lemire and Sorrentino are clearly a pair that collaborate well, after their runs together on ‘Green Arrow’ and ‘Old Man Logan’, and this is their most exciting outing to date. Lemire’s script is gripping – I couldn’t put the book down and it is genuinely creepy, all brought to life by Sorrentino’s complex art and challenging layouts. I’ve heard that the series has been licensed for tv (surprise, surprise…) but I don’t see how it can be translated to screen without losing so much of what makes the comic special; the structure is innovative and truly unique to the medium.

Gideon Falls is exceptional, I highly recommend it and would say it’s essential reading for any horror fans. I’m on the edge of my seat for the next volume.

Aquicorn Cove
Katie O’Neill
Oni Press

Will says: Lana returns to the small seaside town where she grew up, visiting her aunt, Mae, to help manage the fallout from a big storm that hit recently. Lana and Mae revisit memories of their past and discover the magic that resides at the sea floor. Katie draws a gorgeously attractive and magical world, weaving a tale that will tug at your heart strings. Aquicorn Cove is a beautiful account of the love for the ocean and the love for another person, a story about loss and grieving, about building a community and a wonderful calling to protect our future.

Justice League #10
Scott Snyder (w), Francis Manapul (a)
DC Comics

Ryan says: I’m gonna admit right away that I picked this comic up for the cover alone. DC’s foil covers have been met with mixed reviews, some feeling like the foil was an afterthought in the process, but this cover shows off proudly how effective a piece of art can be with a foil finish. That said, I’m thrilled to share that the interior is just as gorgeous as the cover. Manapul’s incredible art is both stunning and captivating, telling a grand story whilst imbuing these god-like heroes with personality and power. Snyder’s writing is solid in this prelude issue and guides us toward the beginning of what promises to be an exciting story arc. While it may not be everyone’s cup of tea, I’m definitely intrigued to see where this adventure goes and how it affects the Justice League on a personal level.