Staff Picks – Week of 16/11/2016

The Multiversity
Grant Morrison (w) Reis, Prado, Lee, Mahnke, Quitely, Sprouse, Oliver, Stewart et al. (a)
DC Comics

Joe says:
The DC event of the century is finally available in a (reasonably) affordable trade paperback. Grant Morrison’s multiverse spanning epic is a vessel for blockbuster artists to do their greatest work in years as they all work together, clearly with a love for the project, to tell the greatest story they can.

I read this series as it came out in issues but after flicking through this collection, I’m desperate to read it again.

Alex + Ada: The Complete Collection
Johnathan Luna (w/a) and Sarah Vaughn (w)
Image Comics

Will says: Occasionally a series will come along I enjoy so much that it deserves a nice spot on my bookshelf instead of hidden in the dark distant depths of my comic collection. Alex and Ada was one of these and I have been highly anticipating this hardcover’s release since reading the last issue over a year ago and even more excited to give this a re-read.

After receiving the latest model of android, Alex sees much more in Ada and decides to free her by unlocking her sentience. In a world with laws against sentient artificial intelligence and an unfortunate history when this technology was first discovered, Alex and Ada will have to be ready for the consequences that play out. Alex and Ada is the sci-fi romance drama eerily close to home that we should all own.

Meat Locker (mini kuš #43)
Michael DeForge

Adam says: This wonderful mini-comic by Michael DeForge from Latvian publisher, kuš!, is assuredly a delight. DeForge is brilliantly adept at approaching and addressing wildly different themes (track down ‘On Topics’ from Breakdown Press), and ‘Meat Locker’ is no exception. This one’s about health, fitness, personal trainers, the gym, (fragile) masculinity, ego – all that stuff.