Staff Picks – Week of 16/05/2018

Supergirl: The Silver Age Omnibus Volume 2
Leo Dorfman & Otto Binder (w), Jim Mooney & Kurt Schaffenberger (a)
DC Comics

Thomas says: Reprinting a whole host of Action Comics featuring the Maid of Might. These comics are a lot of fun and much of which has aged well considering the times that they were printed originally.

I used to have a lot of these, though I never really ‘collected’ Silver-Age Supergirl, I would always pick one up if it jumped out at me. Having these books collected into a single volume like this is great.

DC Comics Omnibus Collections are amazing. I know I say that every time I buy one but it’s true. The binding is fantastic, allowing the tome to fall open with ease making it a delight to read. The subsequent softcover releases are also an excellent reproduction and at an affordable price.

Nobrow 10: Studio Dreams

Will says: The studio, for an illustrator, is where you will be spending the majority of your day. The studio needs to be comfortable. To be inspirational. To be productive. The studio is where an artist makes dreams become reality.

The premise of this book started when Nobrow asked artist Jan Van Der Veken to design a poster depicting Nobrow’s dream studio. Now celebrating a decade of publishing fantastic books, Nobrow asked a plethora of the fantastic artists they’ve worked with over the years to create their very own dream studio. The result is this absolutely delicious book. Nobrow have had the chance to work with some extremely talented artists and this book is a testament to just that. Each double page spread is a step inside the beautiful, creative and sometime bizarre mind of each unique artist. And of course Nobrow have produced a book that is just as beautifully crafted to house all of these amazing dreams.

Frank Quitely: Drawings + Sketches
Frank Quitely
BHP Comics

Ryan says: There’s little I enjoy more than seeing an artist’s creative process — so imagine my unbridled glee when seeing a beautiful little hardcover full of process art by one of the most revered comic artists of our generation, Frank Quitely!

Turns out Quitely never throws out his sketchbooks, and when looking for art to feature in an exhibition at Kelvingrove Museum, the sheer volume of work was overwhelming. His sketches and notes were collected and annotated, resulting in a surprisingly dense art book (especially considering it’s only 8-inches tall). Every page is insightful, and features art from a handful of his most widely-recognised work, along with a selection of miscellaneous works (my personal favourite chapter).

Easy to miss but absolutely worth adding to any art-fan’s collection.

The Mushroom Fan Club
Elise Gravel
Drawn and Quarterly

Camila says: This little gem from Drawn & Quarterly, and the latest addition to my list of ‘Amazing Kids’ Books’, is a lovely non-fiction book all about… you guessed it! Mushrooms!

With lots of amazing facts, super useful info, and a very contagious love for these incredible fungi, Elise Gravel takes the reader on a great adventure, always accompanied by the most adorable mushroom illustrations I have ever seen.