Staff Picks – Week of 15/08/2018

Making Friends
Kristen Gudsnuk

Will says: Dany has recently entered the scary world of Middle School. Being in 7th grade can be a grueling, confusing and lonely time. But luckily for Dany, she inherits a magical sketchbook where anything she draws comes to reality! Dany draws herself the perfect best friend to help her through this troubling time. Surely nothing can go wrong…

Sometimes you have those weeks where you are just royally spoiled with delicious comic goodness. This was one of those weeks. We just received the latest stock from the fabulous Koyama Press, including one I’ve been excited about for months and a surprise gem. Ben Sears’ continues the story of Plus Man and Hank in his next book, The Ideal Copy. Ben’s last book Volcano Trash was an absolute blast and I can’t wait to delve into this one. Soft X-Ray Mindhunters by A. Degen is one I couldn’t resist picking up! It looks like an ecstasy of mind-melting, colourful craziness. Koyama does it again.

But today, I’m here to talk about Making Friends. Kristen Gudsnuk has left me in awe of her art before with the amazing Henchgirl and more recently Modern Fantasy; and is fully established in my books as a creator of dribble-inducing work. Making Friends is a coming of age story that is equally sweet, hilarious and beautiful. With charming, relatable characters and over-top supernatural elements, Making Friends was absolutely engaging from start to finish. Gudsnuk’s quirky characters are full of life, her drawings so full of expression, with an eye for detail on the smaller things within panels; consuming Kristen’s colourful art always evokes such joy.

Highly recommend this book! For fans of Hope Larson’s All Summer Long or the popular video game, Life is Strange, Making Friends will be a guaranteed great read.

Look Back and Laugh
Liz Prince (w/a)
Top Shelf

Camila says: Liz Prince, master of autobiographical comics, is back with a lovely collection that takes us through a whole year’s worth of little moments in her life. With a 3-panel strip for every day of the year, ‘Look Back and Laugh’ is funny, often relatable and so very endearing.