Staff Picks – Week of 14/05/2014

Jack Kirby New Gods: Artist’s Edition HC
IDW Publishing

Thomas says: IDW’s Artist’s Edition series has been great from the very beginning improving with each volume until we now get an edition of the King himself and it’s his 70’s DC masterpiece The New Gods. This is, without any doubt, the best of this series so far. The quality of the scans are high along with the paper quality but then you would expect nothing less from IDW on that front while the subject matter itself is a fantastic window into the work of one of the mediums greatest creators. The only installment in this series that could better this volume is the upcoming Steranko editions and that’s only because the man himself is involved in their production. If you love Kirby then this volume is a must buy.

Shutter #2
Joe Keatinge (w) Leila Del Duca (a) Owen Gieni (c) Ed Brisson (l)
Image Comics

Ryan says: I’m convinced. Shutter is the new Saga. The writing is inspired, the art is beautifully bold, and as a result this title is bursting with creativity. This team has cleverly constructed a future world for their story where anything can happen, so I have absolutely no idea what’s coming next, and that excites me. I’d definitely recommend picking this up, and the inevitable third printing of the first issue, as this promises to be an electrifying read.

The Walking Dead #128
Robert Kirkman (w), Charlie Adlard (a)
Image Comics

Liz says: This week’s issue of The Walking Dead marks a turning point for the series, and based on this issue alone, a very smart storytelling decision indeed. Like any good (zombie) soap opera that’s been going on for years, the story has had its peaks and troughs; after the exceptionally good, fast-paced ‘All Out War’ arc the series needed to do something drastic and new or else risk slumping backward into repetition. By progressing the story forward two years, we’ve got new faces, old faces that are harder to recognize and new dynamics to figure out as we go along. This double-sized issue was a real breath of fresh air for a long-time reader, and would make an excellent jumping on point for anyone who’s never read the series before. Props to Kirkman for making the bold choices and keeping the series addictive over a decade on; I’ll be looking forward to this new beginning.

Starlight #3
Mark Millar (w), Goran Parlov (a)
Image comics

Chris says: It’s been a long time since I’ve enjoyed a Mark Millar comic. While many people have doggedly followed him through thick and thin, I felt his best days were behind him … So it’s kin da nice to be proven me wrong. Starlight has the heart and sentiment Millar does so well, but which his books have lacked for so very long. Of course, the real highlight is the stunning art of Goran Parlov, and I think Millar’s been forced to lift his game in accordance with Parlov’s lush visuals. This book pays tribute to all the wonderful work of Alex Raymond, Al Williamson and Moebius, while creating something very hip and now. If, like me, you decided to give Millar a wide berth, it might be worth a trip to check out Starlight … At the very least, it’s a visual tour-de-force. On the flipside, if you’re looking for something a little more grounded, then Bob Fingerman continues to knock it out of the park with his newly revived Minimum Wage. It’s no surprise they’re both Image books either.

Sticky Icky
Fairytale Productions

Karl says: This is a sticker book with 45 pages of very cool designs from dozens of top artists, graffers and renegades. As somebody who spends a lot of time inspecting the condition of comics, books and magazines, I have to admit a certain perverse pleasure in recommending a book which is not to be kept in pristine condition in a climate controlled vault.

Quite the opposite in fact! I shall gleefully be slowly peeling this lovely book to pieces over the next few weeks and brightening up my desk, flight cases, and yes citizens, even the city with the many abstract colourful vibrant and beautiful stickers in this fine edition.

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