Staff Picks – Week of 14/03/2018

Me + You: Waiting
Timothy Winchester (w / a)
Self Published

Joe says: The fourth instalment of Winchester’s Me + You series is out and it’s not quite as heartbreakingly sad as usual – which is only a plus! Not only that, but Winchester employs some interesting narrative techniques; building tension in several scenes simultaneously by jumping back and forth between them, leading to a satisfying conclusion – and possibly some hope for the protagonist Andy? This reader certainly hopes so. Laced with the humour and charm that we’ve come to expect from all of his work, this is a must read for fans of Timothy Winchester.

Dry County
Rich Tommaso (w / a)
Image Comics

Will says: I was talking to a friend about this week’s new releases and what we would be excited to read, which inevitably led to my Rich Tommaso obsession and his new comic Dry County. In my inability to speak coherently, he misheard me talk about Spy Seal, and heard Rich Tomato: Spiced Eel.

Dry County is unlike Spiced Eel, and back to Tomato’s more familiar ’80s crime mystery. This issue in particular has an absence of crime, focusing on introducing us to ‘everyman’ cartoonist Lou Rossi and a kindling of new romance with Janet, who is trying to escape her past. The seeds of mystery have been sown and we can definitely see how things may all be doomed for the new couple.

As always, Tommaso’s art is an absolutely pleasure to see. It’s comparable to being wrapped in a warm duvet by an open fire, as someone gently feeds you hot chocolate, saving your arms the discomfort and energy of emerging from the duvet. Using bright pinks and teal colours, Dry County has a very Miami Vice vibe to it. Lou Rossi voices his thoughts in a monologue depicted as notes scribbled down on a lined yellow notebook, as if we’re reading pages of his crime novel. Tommaso has a very good knack for capturing very human interactions and relatable character moments, and I can’t wait to see it all go wrong as the mystery unfolds. I’m even more excited for the return of Rich Tomato’s Spiced Eel.