Staff Picks – Week of 12/09/2018

Batman: Prelude to Knightfall + Batman: Knightfall Volume 1
Chuck Dixon, Doug Moench
Graham Nolan, Jim Aparo, Norm Breyfogle, Jim Balent & more
DC Comics

Gerald says: It’s hard to believe the Knightfall saga is now 25 years old, and yet here we are … These affordable new editions show the figurative, and finally literal, breaking of the Bat as a new foe emerges from the shadows to claim Gotham for his own. I remember reading these as the came out – running weekly across multiple titles – and it was just as thrilling to revisit them now. Modern storytelling may differ somewhat these days, but there’s a reason these stories are still considered classics – especially with the combination of legendary Batman artists Jim Aparo, Norm Breyfogle, and Graham Nolan. The stakes were high, the pain felt real, and we’d never seen Batman brought this low before. Highly recommended for those who haven’t experienced it or who would like to relive the torment all over again.

Joe Sparrow

Will says: Veronica has designed ‘Daisy’, an artificial intelligence machine for the purpose of military applications. While Veronica teaches Daisy all about the world, good and bad, complications from the outside world arise.

Homunculus is told entirely from the AI’s perspective, who is a large square box fixed in position, and so the story is incredible at exploring so many different dynamics. While Daisy learns about music and mathematics, we are given insight into Veronica’s life and learn about the current political climate of the world which is in a future not so distant from ours.

Sparrow’s art is delicious and even though restricted to drawing one panel (the eyes of Daisy), makes use of some extremely clever visuals to tell this very striking, beautiful and powerful story.

Science Comics: Trees
Andy Hirsch
First Second

Camila says: I looooove First Second’s Science Comics series. With themes ranging from Bats and Dinosaurs to Rockets and Pagues, each of these graphic novels goes into quite a lot of detail to explain how all sorts of things work, in a way that is fun, accessible, and leaves the reader wanting more. They are all ages, and guaranteed fun for anyone with an interest in science, the world around us, and for just generally curious people.

This one is all about trees, taking us through the fascinating ins and outs of plant biology, and packed full with details on all the amazing stuff trees are constantly doing, but that we barely notice.