Staff Picks – Week of 11/07/2018

The Agency
Katie Skelly

Will says: Katie’s art is so goooooood! Exciting, colourful, sexy. The Agency is a collection of short stories where agents 8, 9 and 10 explore their sexuality in wild and creative escapades. Weird and wonderful, The Agency is a celebration of stepping outside of your comfort zone. Following on from one of the best books of 2017, My Pretty Vampire, Skelly plays around with varying colour palettes, each gorgeous and fun on their own merits. Katie will quickly melt your heart in ways you can’t imagine.

Amazing Spider-Man #1
Nick Spencer (w), Ryan Ottley (a)
Marvel Comics

Liz says: Following hot on the heels of Dan Slott’s extraordinary decade-long run, Nick Spencer had some gigantic shoes to fill when it comes to writing the Amazing Spider-man. Fortunately for him and for us, he certainly seems up to the challenge.

On paper (both literally and figuratively) Spencer and artist Ryan Ottley are a Spider-Man dream-team if ever there was one. Spencer’s signature wit and sharp sense of humour are an ideal fit for the character, and his previous experience writing a Spider-Man spin-off book (his Superior Foes series was truly an underrated gem) shows. Artist Ryan Ottley, fresh off his own decade-long run on Invincible, has long been a fan-favourite choice to draw Spidey, and could not be more perfectly suited to the task.

As for the issue itself, it’s everything that a first issue should be: it’s got comedy, action, spot-on characterization, a great setup and an even greater mission statement (and, because this is Spider-Man, a hefty dose of the old Parker Luck). Straight away, Spencer has done something genuinely surprising, making a big bold choice that should go a long way toward distinguishing his run from what came before. All I can say is hats off to the new creative team; it’s great to see that the book is in such capable hands.