Staff Picks – Week of 10/02/2016

Holy F*ck Director’s Commentary – Live at Orbital Comics
Nick Marino (w), Daniel Arruda Massa (a)
Action Lab: Danger Zone

Chris says: We were so proud to host Nick Marino & Daniel Arruda Massa at the store this week for a signing, followed by one of our famous Orbital Director’s Commentary nights. Nick flew all the way from Los Angeles – and Daniel caught the bus from Holland – just to join us for this very special event. You may not be familiar with them or their work on Holy F*ck, but trust me, you’re missing out. Beyond the bold title and seemingly controversial subject matter lies a smart, funny book that tackles irreverence with a lot more reverence than you’d expect. Seeing the two in person was a great insight into their creative and personal dynamic, making the book even richer as a result. We had a few nice surprises for those who came along, plus a tasty selection of refreshments to enjoy. I hate to talk about these things after the fact, but we’ve been plugging this for a couple of months now … Sometimes the creators you don’t already know can end up being the best, so I’d encourage you to take a chance in future and not miss out. Lucky for you, we still have a few signed copies of Holy F*ck and its sequel, so you’re not too late to share in the experience. And if you’re curious about the guys and their work, you can listen to the original interview Tom & I did with them a while ago.

Ludovic Debeurme
Top Shelf Productions

Adam says: Finally available in English, Renée is the sequel to the stunning and desperately affecting Lucille, a 2006 graphic novel which saw translation in 2011. Focused on the complex and resonant teen characters, Lucille and Arthur, French creator Ludovic Debeurme presents a haunting tale of addiction, anxiety, cruelty, tragedy and love. The visual style here is sparse, somewhat free-form and yet very precise, making these hefty books quicker reads than might be anticipated. Read Lucille first. Take some real time to digest, and then return with Renée.

Jonesy #1
Sam Humphries (w), Caitlin Rose Boyle (a)
Boom! Box

Rosie says: Everyone hates Valentines Day, right? Well, Jonesy definitely does. Navigating through high school is hard enough without having to deal with all these fools in love! Luckily Jonesy has a couple of tricks up her sleeve, including a secret (and very in theme) super power! A gorgeous and vibrant book, coming just in time to cure your Valentines Day fatigue! The eponymous Jonesy is a wonderfully sassy and cynical lead with a strong voice. This book was a joy to read. Witty, exciting and heartfelt, this is the perfect book to cheer you up on a rainy day.