Staff Picks – Week of 09/03/2016

The Infinity Entity #1
Jim Starlin (w), Alan Davis (a)
Marvel Comics

Chris says: Adam Warlock was originally introduced by Stan Lee & Jack Kirby (well, most likely Kirby) as ‘Him’ in the pages of Fantastic Four, then expanded upon briefly by Roy Thomas & Gil Kane in Marvel Premiere, but for me it’s the Jim Starlin iteration of the character that always springs to mind. Like a Greek tragedy writ large across the stars, Warlock has straddled the fine line between messiah and madman. This new mini-series ties in to Starlin’s current Thanos trilogy – taking place after The Infinity Relativity and setting the stage for the final act. I remember hearing about this project last year when Alan Davis inadvertently mentioned it during our panel at NICE convention, before it turned up in Previews several months later, and I was immediately excited. Pairing these two titans was a genius move, and I’m so happy with the results. I’ve always enjoyed the psychedelic aspects of Marvel’s cosmic line (especially under Starlin) and this doesn’t book disappoint – especially with the return of The In-Betweener on the final page. If, like me, you enjoy a dose of cosmic madness then I think you’ll be well pleased.

The Imitation Game: Alan Turing Decoded
Jim Ottaviani (w), Leland Purvis (a)
Abrams Comic Arts

Camila says: When I first saw The Imitation Game solicited a few months ago, I assumed it was a novelisation of the movie. Then I noticed it was written by Jim Ottaviani, and knew to expect more than that – Ottaviani is the writer of Feynman and Primates, two great graphic biographies of amazing scientists. And sure enough, the book is completely unrelated to the movie. They are, of course, both about the same brilliant scientist Alan Turing, but while the film focus mostly on the war years, the book encompasses a broader view on Turing’s life and work.

Whether you’re into computer science, biographies, or just really well written graphic novels, this one is for you!

Back Issue #87
TwoMorrows Publishing

Thomas says: This issue of the always great Back Issue is a Batman and Superman World’s Finest special, just in time for the release of the next DC movie. As always the articles are both fun and informative striking a very difficult balance between the often wonderfully ludicrous subject matter and the serious discussion of said material and it’s something that the TwoMorrows group excels at with their Kirby Collector and with Back Issue in particular providing a wide range of detail in this case about the pairing of two of DC’s major icons. A particular highlight of the issue is the What The–!?: The Strange Saga of the Super Sons feature which covers the history of Superman Jr and Batman Jr. Always a must read this issue delivers in a timely fashion and is worth picking up.

Civil War Tie-In TPBs
Marvel Comics

Liz says: Civil War: New Avengers! Civil War: Iron Man and Cap! Civil War: Black Panther! Heck, let’s throw Wolverine in there, too– just gimme all the Civil War you got! What with Trailer 2 for Captain America: Civil War blowing up the Internet this week by dropping a certain web-slinger into the fray, the only way I’ve found to successfully manage the resulting anticipation is to read as much source material as I can get my hands on. Just in the nick of time, Marvel have mollified my cravings by reissuing the first batch of tie-ins that ran alongside the Civil War series (presumably with more to come). Some of them (very few, actually) I read at the time, and those (the Amazing Spider-Man one, the Captain America stuff) were really very good. I won’t be holding them all to that standard, and whether or not they provide any insight into the film is sort of irrelevant; as for feeding and taming the savage fan-beast, they’re just what I need to see me through until it hits the cinema.

Weirdworld #4
Sam Humphries (w), Mike Del Mundo (a)
Marvel Comics

Karl says: Weirdworld occupies a strange little pocket universe within the current MU. Spinning out from the Secret Wars: Battleworld event, this title has been a delight in both its current incarnation written by Sam Humphries, and the previous Jason Aaron volume. This issue continues the story of Becca Rodriguez, who has crash landed in the Weirdworld and become entangled in the ongoing war between its inhabitants. She of course has some yet to be revealed vital significance to this war, adding to the real fairytale feel. The character of Morgan Le Fay features, rendered in classic Disney wicked witch style by Mike Del Mundo, whose art continues to be the highlight of every single issue of Weirdworld so far. From the covers inward, almost every page is a fully painted psychedelic explosion bringing to life some of the most outlandish creatures and environments happening in comics right now. Plus there is an army of lava men … mind blowing fun!