Staff Picks – Week of 09/05/2018

Scene and Hung Exhibition
David Ziggy Greene

Thomas says: As mentioned when I picked my old friend Dave’s latest collection of his Scene and Heard, featured in Private Eye, a few weeks ago we are happily and proudly hosting a show of his original artwork in our exclusive gallery.

Comprising of sketches, layouts and finished inks the show illustrates how Dave puts together each installment of Scene and Heard illustrating his thought processes and especially the level of research that each report requires.

This show is a particular highlight in a year that has already seen a number of great shows in our humble space.

Udon Noodle Soup
Yani Hu
Ponent Mon

Will says: Yani Hu’s English comic debut features five heartwarming and charmingly sincere stories. It also has one of the most beautiful covers! I’m embarrassed by the number of times I’ve attempted to eat the bowl of ramen from the page (not to mention how I’ve ruined my book with slobber)!

Despite it’s appearance, the book is not about udon noodle soup. Well, the first one kinda is… Sally is reminded of memories of a long lost childhood friend after a taste of some ramen. The book’s full title is Udon Noodle Soup: Little Tales for Little Things. And that’s what this book is. A focus on the very small things in life, that mean so much to us. Simple, pretty and incredibly sweet.