Staff Picks – Week of 06/07/2016

Cook Korean! A Comic Book with Recipes
Robin Ha
Ten Speed Press

Will says: Not too long ago, I was backpacking across East Asia and quickly found myself falling in love with Korea. Of course, the best part of any travelling adventure is experiencing all the different foods and Korea had some of the most delicious treats my tongue had the pleasure of meeting. I returned to London just in time for Orbital’s ‘Comics in the Kitchen’ exhibition, with a fabulous recipe/drawing by Robin Ha. I was elated to discover that this was just one of many recipes in her upcoming book and that I can now cook all my favourite dishes! It’s clear that this book is worthy of my staff pick subjectively, but Robin Ha has created something really amazing here. Her beautiful and colourful illustrations make cooking an absolute delight, not to mention, her ingenious design of the book allows for manageable and straightforward instructions to follow. Robin Ha tells you stories, makes you laugh and teaches you about Korean culture all while satisfying that hungry belly of yours. This book will put all your other recipe books to shame.

Nothing Whatsoever All Out In The Open
Akino Kondoh
Retrofit/ Big Planet

Elektra says: Beautiful, delicate, abstract and resonant.

This wonderful book is a series of sensuous, emotive short stories which allow the reader to get very deeply into the narrative. The illustration style is expressive, precise and indispensable to the storytelling. It was an absolute pleasure to read it. Please give it a try.

Doctor Strange Prelude
Will Corona Pilgrim (w) Jorge Fornes (a)
Marvel Comics

Karl says: This comic surprised me, I was not expecting to be drawn in to one of the Marvel movie preludes, which are usually quite lame.However, the setting for this one starts in London, and I always enjoy the depiction of my home city in comics, if only to groan at the mistakes. Not the case here though; Jorge Fornes’ stable artwork captures present day London admirably for this tale of magic and masters.

Someone has gotten hold of a magical sceptre, and is creating havoc all over town, gasp(!). This attracts the attention of the Masters of the Mystic arts, whose concern brings the main thread of this opening chapter. Wizardly battles flash out at numerous tourist destinations,including the Royal observatory at Greenwich, which was, of course the site of the climactic battle at the end of the second Thor movie, The Dark World. Knowing the Marvel Movie universe, I’m hoping this may be a clue to where the Doctor Strange movie could be heading.