Staff Picks – Week of 06/02/2019

A World of Wisdom
James Chapman

Will says: Language can be very confusing. Learning a new one is always a challenge for me and, at least in the case of English, can make no logical sense. Regardless, etymology fascinates me! What interests me is either it’s the absolute absurdity of a word’s origin or what we learn of culture and history from the evolution of a country’s language. James Chapman’s book is a collection of illustrations depicting proverbs and expressions from all over the world. It explores how similar sayings are expressed across different parts of the globe, but also how contrasting they can be. The book boasts over 300 illustrated sayings from over 60 countries! It is clear how much love and effort has gone into this book. Not only are James’ drawings so delicious and hilarious, but his charming narration and astounding research make this book a delight to read!

Art Decade Exhibition
Orbital Gallery

Karl says: To celebrate 10 years of exciting exhibitions, events and entertainment in the Orbital Gallery, we have trawled the archives to find all the posters for all the shows we have been honoured to host over this past decade.

The exhibition features over 200 of our largely in house designed posters, and what is immediately apparent is the sheer scale, variety and breadth of what we have accomplished within the world of comics and art, and brought to light for your enjoyment.

Every level and scene is represented here. From the thriving small press, self publishing underground right up to legends within the medium, as well as numerous rising stars; plus of course our widely ranging comics related talks, concerts and workshops – the Orbital Gallery salutes you all !