Staff Picks – Week of 03/10/2018

The Art of Arthur Ranson
Arthur Ranson
Orbital Gallery Exhibition

Karl says: Currently in the Orbital Gallery we have an exquisite collection of artwork by British comics legend, Arthur Ranson. The exhibition spans four decades and includes original pages from Look In Magazine, featuring the excellent biopics of Elvis Presley and The Beatles. Also featured are pages from 2000 AD’s PSi Judge Anderson, real stunners from classic stories such as “City of the Dead” and others. We also have 2 gorgeous high quality fine art prints featuring Judge Anderson, signedand numbered limited editions.

Arthurs own creations also feature, with pages and a cover from the hard boiled “Button Man” series, and over a dozen pages from the epic “Mazeworld” fantasy – which has just been re-issued in a deluxe edition by the good people at Rebellion.

This is the work of a master of the art form, and really worth a visit. Many of the pages are for sale, as well as the prints and sketches.The exhibition runs until November 5th.

Thoreau at Walden
John Porcellino (a), Henry David Thoreau (w)
Hyperion/ The Center for Cartoon Studies

Camila says: Two great books from The Center for Cartoon Studies this week: Annie Sullivan and the trails of Helen Keller by Joseph Lambert, and Thoreau at Walden by John Porcellino.

I love Porcellino’s other works and will always be interested in reading whatever new books he produces. And it was with that in mind that I picked up Thoreau at Walden, having no idea it would speak so dearly to my heart.

This is an adaptation of Henry David Thoreau’s Walden; or, Life in the Woods, that collects his writings from the time he spent living in nature on Walden Pond. It was first published in 1854, and has long been a classic, but I somehow missed it up till now. Using selected texts from the original alongside with his beautifully minimalistic art style, Porcellino has created yet another beautiful and insightful graphic novel.

D.B Johnson writes on the introduction : ‘You may regret that not all of Thoreau’s words are here, but I do not. His words are among the most quoted of any writer and are found everywhere today. What could not be found until now are the countless moments of silence that Thoreau experienced at Walden Pond. Porcellino faithfully re-creates those moments of quiet reverie, of Thoreau sitting in a sunny doorway or in the woods, soaking up the passing of time. It seems as if nothing is happening. Then we experience it too”. For me, it has also been a genial introduction to a writer I look forward to reading more of, and whose work I know I will cherish.

The Clandestinauts
Uncivilized Books
Tim Sievert (w/a)

Will says: I’ve really been engulfing myself in fantasy recently and it’s been amazing. I’m knee deep in planning my biggest DnD campaign yet for my fellow Orbitalees and can’t wait to crush their spirits (if you’re reading this guys, you’ll be fine…). With all of this world building, dungeon crafting and NPC naming; it’s rather refreshing to explore and enjoy someone else’s bonkers fantasy world. The Clandestinauts is rather like a little window looking into another DnD session; following the over-confident party fueled by greed as they begin a journey made up of unforgettable and extravagant moments that define a great campaign. This is an absolute bundle of fun and highly recommended for any fellow role playing gamer.