Staff Picks – Week of 02/05/2018

Back Issue #104 Fourth World after Kirby
Various Contributors
TwoMorrows Publishing

Thomas says: This issue spotlights attempts by the great and the good to continue Kirby’s unfinished masterpiece; The Fourth World with articles focusing on the different takes on the three main titles of the sprawling saga and the different takes on the series by their respective creators including a look at the various filmed appearances by the Fourth World and it’s dnizens including a look at an aborted Fourth World animated feature film by Mike Mignola featuring new designs in his unmistakable style.

The only bad thing I can ever say about the TwoMorrows output is that it’s almost always positive, there’s rarely anything negative in their comics analysis and appreciation. These guys are fans first and foremost and their enthusiasm always shines through, whether they’re espousing their undying love for the King or remembering fondly the adventures of E-Man the joy is infectious.

Giant Days #38
John Allison (w), Julia Madrigal (a)
BOOM! Studios

Joe says: I love Giant days, so much so that every issue could be my staff pick, but this issue in particular is one I’m especially bias for – it’s drawn by the amazing Julia Madrigal. Madrigal does a fantastic job filling in for the regular artist (Sarin); her style melds well with the universe and she perfectly captures the humour of the series.

Manfried the Man
Caitlin Major (w), Kelly Bastow (a)
Quirk Books

Camila says: Steve is a cartoonist, he works an unfulfilling job at a call centre, and goes back home every night to Manfried, his pet man. Yeah, pet MAN! In Manfried’s world, human-like cats are the ones keeping cat-like humans as pets! It’s charming and pretty weird at the same time, and sure made me think about (and even question) a lot about the way we interact with our feline companions. It’s also very funny, sweet and highly enjoyable!

All Summer Long
Hope Larson
Farrar Straus Giroux

Will says: Hope Larson is an absolute genius.

Bina has to suffer an entire summer without her best friend Austin. All Summer Long is a sweet coming of age story about two thirteen year old friends growing up and drifting apart. Larson continues to prove she is a master of her craft and has produced yet another addictive story from start to finish, each page more dribble-inducing than the last.

Incredibly charming, this book hit me right in the feels. I really needed this book. Thanks Hope.

Here be monsters Exhibition
Various artists
Orbital Gallery – until May 10th

Karl says: In a few short months, the Orbital Gallery will be celebrating its first 10 years. In that time we have hosted many and varied exhibitions of comics and related art, from bonafide stone-cold classic (Jack Kirby originals), experimental 3Dimensional (Carnival’s Toybox), right up to current happening science-fiction and gender-bent bunny animal comics (Image Comics Paradiso, Void Trip and The Pervert). And hell, that’s just the first quarter of THIS year!

Our current show is a beautiful melange of all the above and more. Featuring work by orbital’s own Clair and Liz, ‘Here be Monsters’ is a multi-media thrill for the senses as well as damn fine artwork, sculpture, costume-design and clothing, all delivered with a crisp touch and a glint in the eye.

From Honey Parast delightful herb garden creatures, rendered beautifully in felt to Liz Jordan’s sublime acrylics and murals (often practical works that we use to decorate the shop), The largest contribution to the exhibition comes from the hand and mind of the mighty Clair Honeybadger. Oils, acrylics, markers, and indeed, gold leaf are used expressively to describe new worlds and characters totally her own yet deeply rooted in the comics universes we are so familiar with. Reaching into a parallel dimension Clair extracts beautiful and terrifying alien skulls and relics which drip with other worldly moods and atmosphere. An unbelievably real looking Jane Foster Thor mannequin dominates one corner of the gallery and proves Clair’s innate skill and vision as a designer and creator of outstanding costumes. As if all this wasn’t enough, a selection of t-shirts showcases a sense of style and wicked humour rarely seen.

This all rounder exhibition is up until the end of the week with prints and merchandise available until then, after which all this and more will be there for you via @moosefix on Instagram. Speaking of which, to broader our coverage of the forthcoming 10th anniversary celebration of our beloved gallery, we have opened a dedicated Instagram account @orbitalgallerylondon.