Staff Picks – Week of 01/03/2017

Royal City
Jeff Lemire (w/a)
Image Comics

Joe says: We can add another to Lemire’s growing list of recent successes, Royal City #1 is another standout issue from one of my favourite creators.

Lemire is a master of his craft; his story-telling riveting, his dialogue real and I can’t help but feel his art is the best of his career. The amount of detail that he packs into each panel is breath-taking, the texture of his line, the scratchiness of his inks and the softness of the watercolour compliment each other beautifully. I am so happy that we have a new ongoing title from Lemire and can’t wait to explore the world he’s building as it grows.

Cerebus In Hell #2
Dave Sim (w), Sandeep Atwal (a/ac), Gustav Dore
Aaardvark Vanaheim

Thomas says: It’s a sad admission to make but the stand out gag in this issue for me was the reference to Alan Scott Green Lantern. It wasn’t the best joke in the issue but it appealed to this miserable old comic fan.

It’s a joy to see the frustrated Cerebus of yesteryear just as exasperated with his afterlife as he was with his ‘actual’ life. I’ve written briefly about Cerebus In Hell earlier this week with an overview/introduction to the world of Cerebus and Dave Sim.

I’m enjoying the absurdity of Cerebus In Hell a great deal more than i expected to. It’s funny.

Karine Bernadou (w/a)
Retrofit Comics/ Big Planet Comics

Julia says: Canopy tells, without words, the story of an emancipated woman dealing with wildness outside the family home, relationships and her sexuality. The expressive yet simple art style and the vivid red that decorates the pages matches perfectly with the crude tone of the story. It’s a must read for seekers of independent stories.

Alter Ego # 145
Roy Thomas

Karl says: Roy Thomas really delivers the nitty gritty in this issue length Star Wars extravaganza. So much craziness happened around the as yet unknown space opera’s adaptation and first venture into comics that Roy’s recollections seem worthy of a mini-series themselves.

Back in ’76/’77 Marvel was in financial peril and here was Roy pitching for a six issue adaptation of Lucas’ unseen science fiction fable, the idea being that the first few issues came out prior to the movie generating a buzz. The subsequent stellar success of the film effectively gave Marvel the monetary shot in the arm it needed to drag itself into the future.

Not without it’s casualties of course, many of the key players in this drama fell out and this 100 page special covers all the juicy details unabashedly. Packed with interviews, tons of photos, rarely seen and and unpublished artwork, this is a real feast for anyone interested in the first meeting of the Mighty Marvel and the Force! I think I spotted the Orbital “O” logo reflected in Lord Vader’s eyes there.

True Believers : Wolverine- Old Man Logan #1
Mark Millar (w), Steve McNiven (a)
Marvel Comics

Liz says: In the lead-up to the cinematic release of Logan, Marvel released reprints of some of the most iconic stories featuring Wolverine and X-23 as part of their True Believers series. At a one-dollar price point, these issues are a great introduction to classic material. None are more relevant to the film than True Believers: Old Man Logan #1, the first issue of the story on which Logan is loosely based. Revisiting this first chapter reminded me how different Mark Millar’s 2015 story is to the film but also how tonally similar they are (it also made me want to reread the whole graphic novel). An excellent read and an excellent film. Read my spoiler-free review here.