Staff Picks – Week of 01/08/2018

Jim Woodring (w/a)

Camila says: A new Frank book. That’s enough to get anyone who’s familiar with Jim Woodring’s work excited. And it’s such a good one! My favourite out of the ‘new’ series of books that started with Weathercraft.

Visually astounding, emotionally both gut-wrenching and awe-inspiring, and altogether enthralling Poochytown is, as usual, an extraordinary venture into the often ghastly, but always magnificent world Frank inhabits.

If you haven’t come across Woodring’s work before, do yourself a favour and pick this up.

Knifeson Yu

Will says: Told through three different stories, Knifeson explores the titular behavioural disorder of addiction. One character ventures out to the moon in his need to find the perfect circle. Another has the self-destructive addiction to the feeling of sadness! It asks us how far we will go to sedate our compulsions, how much control they have over us and how it affects ourselves and others. An extremely powerful comic and one worth checking out for the art alone. It’s beautiful. We also have Knifeson’s other comic in stock, The Edge!