Staff Picks – 28/03/2018

Batman Beyond #18
Dan Jurgens (w), Phil Hester (a)
DC Comics

Thomas says: I like Jurgens. I grew up in the eighties reading his comics so it’s always fun to read a comic from him especially since he hasn’t lost any of his touch and when he’s assisted by a great artist like Phil Hester. Both creators know how to do a straight up, fun, action-packed super-hero comic and this book is all of that and more.

If you’re a fan of the cartoon that this book is based on then you won’t be disappointed. Jurgens and Hester have effortlessly captured the character and vibe of the series and produced an enjoyable comic that is just a gleeful read.

This Must Be The Place: A Please Keep Warm Collection
Michael Sweater (w/a)
Silver Sprocket

Will says: Four bunny-like friends share a house together and this book explores the short comedy episodes that revolve around the furry chums. It’s an illustrated sitcom but with some occasionally dark themes and more personally relatable subjects. Jam-packed with laughs, some delicious art and topped off with even more tasty pastel colours; this is a wonderful collection of Michael Sweater’s webcomic Please Keep Warm. And it does do a brilliant job of keeping me warm and fuzzy. So mission accomplished.