Staff Pick – Week of 05/07/2017

Alack Sinner: The Age of Innocence Vol.1
Carlos Sampayo(W), José Muñoz(A)
IDW/Euro Comics

Thomas says: Wow. I’d never heard of this before but, once again, i am so glad that IDW’s Euro Comics imprint exists as i may never have ever found these books otherwise. This particular release is the magnum opus of two exiled Argentinians and follows the trials of exiled Argentine, former cop and viciously scarred P.I. Alack Sinner as he toils in the heart of New York’s disgusting underbelly.

A clear inspiration for the increasingly dull and insipid Sin City series, Sinner pounds along at a delicious pace, gripping your throat with mad abandon, dragging you into the Big Apple’s diseased heart and gleefully making you a guilty party to depravity that will have you salivating for more.

Originally printed in 1975, comprising a total of eight albums, Alack Sinner is now being collected in two 300 page volumes. Though the original series took place back and forth across Sinner’s life, these two volumes have been edited into chronological order. Not having read the series prior to this collection i have absolutely no idea how it impacts the narrative but i have to say that i’m enjoying it so far and look forward to the next volume.

Space Trash #2
Lydia Butz
Self Published

Joe says: The second issue of Space Trash is here and it’s even funnier and more adorable than before. We continue the adventures of our heroine through space and the workplace (workspace?) in this laugh-out-loud series

Butz’ art is adorable and her pacing sublime, her comedic timing is impeccable and there wasn’t a moment in this issue that I didn’t have a huge smile on my face (which doesn’t happen often).

It’s a Bird…
Steven T. Seagle (w), Teddy Kristiansen (a)

Liz says: An autobiographical account of Steven T. Seagle’s conflict and introspections when he is offered an opportunity to write the most well-known comic book character of all, Superman. He struggles to find an approach to writing the character, and it becomes clear that his mounting frustrations with the Man of Steel (an infallible, God-like hero) have everything to do with his own mortal fears and frailties. Teddy Kristiansen’s gorgeous artwork on this book won him an incredibly well-deserved Eisner Award in the category of Best Painter/Multimedia Artist (interior) in 2005. Back in print for the first time in years, this is a beautifully told story that ruminates on superheroes and what they represent, on both an abstract and very personal level.

Little Bit Beastly: A 24 Hour Zine
Holly D & Maya S
Self Published

Will says: This comic is a collection of illustrations depicting a variety of mythical beings, beautifully drawn and coloured you could eat them right off the page! Maya and Holly “claim” they did this in 24 hours. I don’t believe them. It’s too good.

Small Press Day 2017

Camila says: In celebration of Small Press and DIY publishing, lots of great creators joined us yesterday to for a day of signings, drawing and general comics fun. We had a fantastic time, and as a bonus, took in lots of new stock from all the participating creators and others that visited the shop throughout the day.

There’s a mix of restocks and a whole lot of brand new titles, including new issues of Space Trash by Lydia Butz and Archie vs Orbital by Joe Jinks  and Will Humberstone; another title by Will called Xander’s dad is an evil scientist; The Rocket by Tim Bird; a beautiful watercolour Sketchbook by Clara Saetiz; more gorgeous mermaids by Cliodhna Ztoical; two new titles by Julia Madrigal; After Smith by Gareth A Hopkins; a new issue of Merrick The Sensational Elephantman by Luke Parker and Tom Ward; and restocks by Yoyo the RicecorpseElizabeth QuerstretSean Azzopardi and Jason Browne.

Like last year, we teamed up with Gosh! and asked the creators taking part in Small Press Day at both shops to create a few collaborative comic pages for us, and we now have a few copies of this little beauty to give away.

We also got the fresh-out-of-the-oven (err.. press!) Broken Frontier yearbook, and many other awesome looking goodies that will sure keep us busy for weeks to come. It’s a good time for comics!