Staff Picks – Week of 27/09/2017

Jérôme K. Jérôme Bloche: The Shadow Killer
Alain Dodier (W&A), Pierre Makyo (W), Serge Le Tendre (W)
Eurocomics/IDW Publishing

Thomas Says: Eurocomics have done it again but that’s not really much of a surprise, as someone pointed out to me the other day, IDW have literally decade’s worth of European Comics to choose from to translate and would obviously start with the ‘best’ of what’s in print or otherwise.

This is the first time that this series has ever been translated into English and is the first volume of a series of detective stories. The main character is Jérôme K. Jérôme Bloche; translator of Detective novels by day, wanna be Detective by night and follows his adventures as he struggles valiantly to solve the mystery of the Shadow Killer.

Light-Hearted and fun, this series is aimed more for the YA crowd but is beautifully drawn and written with a deftness of pace that never once leaves you behind. I really enjoyed this book for what it is and will happily recommend it to anyone look for a title that will bring a smile to their face.

Southern Bastards #18
Jason Latour (w), Chris Brunner (a)
Image Comics

Joe Says: It’s been a while since I re-emphasised my passion for the best comic on the stands but the time has come yet again. The second issue in as many months, which is disappointingly (yet understandably) rare, brought to you by two thirds of the impeccable ‘Loose Ends’ team. Despite the absence of Aaron (at least in the credits), this issue is far from a fill in; Roberta heavy, this issue progresses the plot that was introduced at the end of the first arc more than any other.

Revisiting past characters and adding layers of depth to things I thought long forgotten, this issue will be looked back on as one of the more important in the series and one that has been long coming. My love of the series has definitely been reinvigorated and I can’t wait for more.

Forged #1
Michael Eckett (w). Ryan Jenkyns (a)

Liz says: Forged is an all-ages adventure story about Peaty O’Tool, an accident-prone young Dwarf who wants to break away from his tedious job as a miner and seek a new career that will bring excitement into his life. He leaves home and sets off into the unknown, where he meets some interesting characters along the way. This brings him into the cross-hairs of some Giant henchmen who work for an evil sorcerer (who also appears to be the world’s scariest real-estate developer), Praetor. Fortuitously, this is when he also meets a group of adventurers who are members of the Royal Guild.

Forged is the creation of playwright and Orbiting Pod podcast host Michael Eckett and Orbital Comics’ resident artist, graphic designer and all-around swell guy, the multi-talented Ryan Jenkyns. The storytelling is top-notch and the story itself is full of warmth, humour and well-drawn characters. This book is a great read for anyone, old or young, Giant of Dwarf.

Godhead revisited: A Shaky Kane exhibition

Karl says: From today in the Orbital Gallery, we are revisiting the all-too-brief Shaky Kane exhibition we hosted this summer to mark the release of the Good News Bible – the Complete Deadline Strips published by the excellent Breakdown Press. This crammed exhibition has been expanded considerably and also features work from Bulletproof Coffin, Cap’n Dinosaur and many other profound artwork by Shaky.

All the pieces in the show are for sale at really affordable prices and we are to be graced by the presence of the great man himself this Saturday (7th October) with a signing session from 5-7, followed by a Directors Commentary on his recent hit one-shot – ‘Bulletproof Coffin – 1000 Yard Stare’. Accompanying Shaky in this will be no less a man than Mr. David Hine, writer of the twisted piece of 21st Century comics genius.

As if all that wasn’t enough, we shall also be screening the incredible documentary ” Shaky Kane : Unravelled” which was made by Deadline cohort Steve Cook plus the less well known follow up : ” Shaky Kane Home Video”. This promises to be a legendary evening and we would love to see you there! It will be free to attend and is rumoured to be featuring a ” HEX ON ! ” cocktail, created by astral virgins. See you there, squareheads.