darkhorse 30th

Hellboy. Aliens. Predator. Concrete. Sin City.

Some of the most original and startling comics of the last three decades have come from the stable of one publisher. That publisher is Dark Horse.

Starting life as small publisher owned by Mike Richardson (who funneled the profits from his Oregon-based comic store into publishing) Dark Horse has grown and grown to become the giant it is today. Bolting out of the gate with just two titles, the publisher soon expanded. Recognizing that it’s future lay in given new and existing talents like Frank Miller and Mike Mignola free reign to create characters (and as the ads used to say, build those characters) Richardson’s company become the front-runner in horror and crime-books.

Behemoths like Hellboy and Sin City made Dark Horse famous, but it was another behemoth, Paul Chadwick’s Concrete, that showed Dark Horse’s ability to seek out characters with heart and soul. Their monsters are only monsters if you want to see them that way.

30 years on, artistic freedom, heart and of course soul, fuel Dark Horse’s independent spirit. With titles like B.P.R.D., Buffy and The Goon, as well as tent-poles like Hellboy all showcasing Dark Horse’s commitment to talent and the power of original artistry. This and their success with licensed titles (like the aforementioned Buffy and Aliens, as well as Predator and many others) mean that there’s a good chance we can look forward to another 30 years of Dark Horse! Orbital Comics is proud to be able to offer many titles from Dark Horse’s catalogue inside the store. Also, check out our very own Chris Thompson’s interviews with Mike Mignola and other Dark Horse creators.