Satan Superstar: Book Launch – Friday 13th April

Satan Superstar, the latest publication from The Reprobate, is a handbook of the infernal and the immaculate in popular occulture. From occult documentaries to devilish country music, from Iranian Black Metal to forbidden literature, from witchfinder pulp fiction to Christian sex toys, and from Satanic atheists to naked witches. This book covers the whole gamut of Satanism, black magic, witchcraft, cults and religious weirdness. Satan Superstar delves into the darker side of occult obsession and probes the lighter aspects of Satanic entertainment, with incisive articles, interviews and art.

Edited by David Flint, Satan Superstar includes contributions from (in alphabetical order):
Writer and publisher Carl Abrahamsson
The Church of Satan’s Raul Anthony
Filmmaker and writer Sarah Appleton
Satanic Mojo’s Jason Atomic
Flesh Trade author Bruce Barnard
Artist and writer Billy Chainsaw
The Satanic Temple’s Lucien Graves
author and poet A.D. Hitchin
Esoteric music expert Daz Lawrence
Writer and rebel Logospilgrim
No Wave icon Lydia Lunch
Screenwriter and author David McGillivray
Film critic and historian Keri O’Shea
Musician and archivist Boyd Rice
Musician, author and religious teacher Nikolas Schreck
Human Centipede director Tom Six
The Church of Rational Satanism’s John Wait
Redemption Films head and filmmaker Nigel Wingrove
and others.

Limited edition of 666 copies.

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