New comic book day means new podcast day for Orbital! Welcome to the latest issue of Orbiting Comics, your one-stop guide to the best of the new comics on the shelf right now at your favourite comic-book shop!

Made by the staff at your favourite comic store, this episode features regular host Paul, aided and abetted by Scott and guest star, Ant! They review Shazam #1, Prodigy #1, Martian Manhunter #1 and Die #1.

Plus they bring you quick reviews of the latest trades, including Papergirls Vol.5 and Batman / Wonder Woman: Brave and the Bold as well as giving you the lowdown on some great upcoming events happening in and around the store this weekend!

You can be part of the show too! Email Paul@orbitalcomics.co.uk, marking your email ‘OK TO READ‘ and we’ll give your thoughts, suggestions and comments a shout-out on air! And remember you can find previous episodes of the show here, or tune in to our movie & TV Podcast, Frame By Frame here. You’ll find all our latest podcasts on iTunes, Soundcloud and Podbean. You can also find our interview podcast here and keep up with the shop on Twitter and Instagram by following @orbitalcomics.

All this and more in the latest issue of Orbiting Comics. What are you waiting for? Hit play already!

Here’s the rundown for this week’s issue:

  • Intros
  • Reviews
  • Quick Reviews: Comics
  • Quick Reviews: Trades
  • Events
  • Reader’s Emails