Welcome to the latest issue of Orbiting Comics, the previews and reviews podcast from Orbital. Made by the staff at your favourite comic-book shop, we bring you all the latest in fine four-colour funny-book entertainment!

In this issue, The Chief is joined by Frame by Frame partner in crime, LizThe un-dynamic duo shine a light for The Green Lantern #1 by Grant Morrison & Liam Sharp, march to the tune of the Penguin in Batman #58 by Tom King & Mikel Janin and recover our memories of 90’s comics with Marvel Knights #1 by Donny Cates & Travel Foreman. And if that wasn’t enough we take you through all the events happening in November at Orbital and we have a quick chat about Ric Grayson’s latest exploits. That’s right. We said RIC GRAYSON!

On a more serious note, we have included a brief tribute to the late, great Stan Lee who sadly passed away just as we were putting this issue to bed. This forms the first five minutes of the podcast, so please do give it a listen.

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Here’s a rundown of this week’s issue:

  • Stan Lee tribute
  • Intros
  • The Green Lantern #1 Review
  • Batman #58 Review
  • Marvel Knights #1 Review
  • Nightwing Chat
  • Events Rundown
  • Outros