Welcome to the latest issue of Orbiting Comics, the previews and reviews podcast from Orbital. Made by the staff at your favourite comic-book shop, we bring you all the latest in fine four-colour funny-book entertainment!

In this issue, The Chief is joined by Will and in a rare appearance, Joe! The terrible trio review Southern Bastards Vol.4, Modern Fantasy #1, One Trick Pony & Multiple Man #1. Then Liz and Paul chat to artist Shawn Martinborough at Portsmouth Comic-Con, Will gives us the big news about Small Press day, Paul takes us through some upcoming events and we read a letter from one of regular listeners!

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Here’s a rundown of this week’s issue:

  • Previews (with Will, Joe & Paul)
  • Reviews Part 1 (with the team)
  • Shawn Martinborough Interview (with Liz & Paul)
  • Small Press Day Preview (with Will)
  • Reviews Part 2 (with the team)
  • The Letters Page (with the team)