Please note: This podcast was originally published with the audio from Orbiting Comics #3. We apologise for this and it has since been reposted with the correct audio. You can listen to it by clicking on the player at the bottom of the page or by downloading the podcast again from iTunes. Happy listening!

Welcome to the latest issue of Orbiting Comics, the reviews & previews pod from Orbital. Made by the staff at your favourite comic shop, this is all you need to keep up-to-date on comics!

In this issue, Will, Liz, Tom & Paul take a look at some upcoming titles for the first two weeks of June, (kind of) answer a question posed by a regular listener, chat about how good the first Portsmouth Comic-Con was and review Venom #1, Justice League: No Justice #1, Barrier #1 and Udon Noodle Soup. And if that’s not enough, we send Liz and Adam to an off-world colony to see Secret Cinema Presents Blade Runner: The Final Cut – A Secret Live Experience, and there’s a musical performance by in-house Orbital noise band, Krunchbubble, recorded at our Record Store Day event that may actually warp your sense of reality!

Remember, we want YOU to help shape our podcast. Send us your thoughts, questions and suggestions to paul@orbitalcomics.co.uk and we’ll read them out on the show.

Here’s a rundown of everything happening in our latest issue:

  • Previews (with Tom & Paul)
  • Reviews Part 1 (with Liz, Will, Tom & Paul)
  • Secret Cinema: Blade Runner (with Adam & Liz)
  • Portsmouth Shout-outs (with Paul & Liz)
  • New Independent releases (with Will)
  • Reviews Part 2 (with Tom, Will, Liz & Paul)
  • Krunchbubble Performance (with Karl, Joe & Will)

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