Welcome to Issue #3 of Orbital’s comics reviews & previews podcast! Made by the staff at your favourite comic-book store, this is your guide to the comics that hit the shelf on 25th April as well as previews of the books coming your way soon and interviews with comic creators and others who make the comic-book world go round. This week, Tom, Will & Paul are your hosts for another exciting trip into funny books.

Our reviews this week include The Hunt For Wolverine #1, The Prisoner #1, Adventure Time #75 and Hillbilly #9The team also discuss David Ziggy Greene’s latest, Times Like These, Paul talks to Joel Meadows about Portsmouth Comic-Con and then chats to Julia Madrigal * about her American comics debut with Giant Days #38 & #39.

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*You can also follow Julia on Twitter and on her Blog

Here’s the running order for this issue:

  • Times like these preview (with Tom, Will & Paul)
  • Previews (with Paul, Will & Tom)
  • Reviews Part 1 (with Tom, Will & PauI)
  • Portsmouth Comic-Con (with Joel Meadows & Paul)
  • Reviews Part 2 (with Will, Tom & Paul)
  • ‘Would you like a bag?’  (with Julia & Paul)

Hope you enjoy the show!