Welcome back to Orbiting Comics, the new reviews & previews podcast from Orbital! Made by the staff at your favourite comic-book shop, this is issue #2 of your twice monthly guide to everything happening in the store!

This week, it’s another packed show for you, featuring co-host Liz, who along with Paul reviews a selection of this weeks releases (including Oblivion Song #2, Crude #1, Domino #1 and Captain America #700). We also have our previews feature and not one, but two interviews with comic creators.

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Here’s this weeks full rundown:

  • Previews (with Paul & Tom)
  • Portsmouth Comic-Con (with Paul & Liz)
  • Reviews Part 1 (with Paul & Liz)
  • Improper books interview (with Laura Trinder, Matt Gibbs & Paul)
  • Reviews Part 2 (with Paul & Liz)
  • Remy Boydell interview

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